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Psoriasis in children

It’s true that psoriasis is not very common in children. But it does exist, and its impact on their social life, particularly at school, should not be underestimated. Treatment should involve the young patient, their parents and the doctor.

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Forms and locations of psoriasis in children

The most common form of psoriasis in children is, as in adults, plaque psoriasis. It is characterised by the formation of red, inflamed, symmetrical and well-defined plaques. It is most common on the faces of small children, but patches can also appear on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, resulting in dry pulpitis. In this case, the fingertips become painful. The scalp can also be the site of flare-ups in the form of thick, sticky scales.


Diaper psoriasis

The most common form of psoriasis in infants under 2 years of age is called "diaper psoriasis." It starts in the folds of the buttocks and can spread to the whole area under the diaper. The psoriasis then takes the form of a well-defined diaper rash with little scaling. In rare cases, it may persist or appear later in children and adolescents. In this case, it appears as patches on the external genitalia.

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Psoriasis, a difficult condition for school children

Psoriasis can be a source of stigma and ridicule and can make life at school difficult for children. A better understanding of the disease will help them to live with it better.

Suffering at school

When it’s located on the face, neck or limbs, psoriasis can lead to teasing from peers. If the skin condition appears on the fingertips, writing will be complicated... In teenagers, genital psoriasis can hinder their love life. So many inconveniences linked to a disease that is still too little known. ​​​​​

Making the disease acceptable.

The treatment must, of course, be adapted to the age of the child and have one objective: to help them better understand the disease. The child will be more comfortable talking about it, downplaying it and leading as normal a social life as possible. Advice and support from their parents and doctor will guide them to live like other children.


Living with eczema and psoriasis in children


 "I've been living with severe psoriasis since I was 4 years old. I have been the victim of many humiliations. Children at school who wouldn't hold my hand, lifeguards who asked me to leave the pool so I wouldn't infect everyone..."




The importance of treatment compliance

Some systemic drugs – which act on the whole body – may be considered in the therapeutic strategy for children. In this case, they are prescribed according to the specificities and contraindications related to age. However, treatment is essentially based on localised care with cortisone, vitamin A or D and emollients applied several times a day. A ritual that can become tedious for your little ones. However, moisturising helps to reduce the formation of scales and decrease itching and discomfort. Support your child so that they take ownership of their routine and maintain it over the long term. To do this, try several emollient products before finding the one that suits your child. This will make the application easier and more acceptable.

Care and anti-itching tips

Playing sports like everyone else

Even if a child has psoriasis, they should be able to play the sport of their choice. No type of sport is inadvisable. Even aquatic activities are encouraged. Sports help to maintain a healthy weight and good cardiovascular health. Mental health also benefits, as regular physical activity reduces stress and anxiety.

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