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Eczema and psoriasis: why wash every day?

Skin that's suffering from eczema or psoriasis is weakened and therefore exposed to a high risk of infection. That’s why it’s important to wash skin daily with suitable non-irritating products. Whether or not you are in a flare-up phase, wash your skin gently every day so that you can moisturise it more effectively. A well-cleansed epidermis better absorbs the emollients it needs to soften and replenish itself.

Bathing has several benefits: it cleanses, relaxes and prepares the skin for the application of emollients. To care for irritated skin, it’s important to adopt gentle, frictionless cleansing habits.

Eczema and psoriasis in the bath or shower

In the shower or bath, your sensitive skin needs to be protected so that you can enjoy the moment. 

First, if you're tempted to lounge around for hours on end, be aware that your skin may resent you for it. Don't exceed 5 minutes in the shower and 15 minutes in the bath.

Another important detail is the temperature. The water in your shower or bath should not exceed 34°C. This will prevent itching from being triggered. 

Once out of the bath, dry yourself gently without rubbing, so as not to damage the protective film of your skin. It’s best to pat each area gently, using soft fabrics such as cotton. 

 Eczema and psoriasis: everything you need to wash gently

For your skin that's lacking in oils, it's very important to choose the right cleansing products.


Soap-free oil or gel

Oil, gel, cream or dermatological bar: whatever you choose for your cleansing product, avoid products that contain soap, a detergent that strips the skin's hydrolipidic film, as well as perfume and essential oils. This will avoid the risk of developing a skin rash and allergic reactions.

Leave the accessories

If you're tempted to use a body puff or flannel, resist the urge. It’s better to wash simply and gently with your hands. Your hands are much cleaner and less aggressive to the skin than any bathroom accessory. 



Emollients: soften your bath water

Bath water can be a bit harsh or overly aggressive for skin with eczema or psoriasis. But it can be softened by adding a few drops of liquid emollient, such as a cleansing oil. There are products that are specially designed to dissolve in water and work quickly. The effect is immediate: they neutralise the drying effect of limescale. This improves skin comfort.

The right steps to protect your skin

If you have psoriasis, it's important to avoid anything that might irritate your skin.

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