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Adult Spa treatment for eczema and psoriasis

Spa treatment: a basic treatment for eczema and psoriasis

Re-train your skin to defend itself

Can a spa treatment really improve skin comfort? A stay in a specialist environment makes it possible to treat many ailments with natural mineral spring waters. Avène's soothing and anti-irritating products are dedicated to dermatology and the treatment of skin disorders.

Spa treatments will therefore help your skin, unbalanced due to psoriasis or eczema, to recover its ability to defend itself, leaving you able to enjoy the results: a reduction in inflammation and itching.

To feel comfortable in your skin: a dream come true, thanks to the water of Sainte-Odile and the dedicated help of the team of the Avène Centre, to whom I’d like to give a warm thank you.

Françoise, spa client

Water-based treatment for all skin types that 

Do you have localised psoriasis on your scalp? Or is eczema making your hands unbearably itchy? In order for your treatment to be as effective as possible, our thermal doctors have created a programme of hydrotherapy treatments, or treatment with thermal water, to target your problems. Before starting, you’ll receive a consultation to determine which treatments you’ll be following each day for about an hour and a half.

An example of treatment:

  • a general spray allows for deep skin penetration. Objective: to make the most of the anti-itching and soothing properties of Avène thermal spring water.

Our spa treatment: water and cream-based

Combining Avène thermal spring water with emollient care products offers comfort and hydration.

Gentle body wraps for your skin

Your body is covered with a thick layer of emollient care, before being wrapped in plastic film for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The aim is to reduce the thickness of the corneal layer and intensely moisturise the epidermis to obtain much more supple skin

And for your scalp?

On your head, the emollient is applied with the fingertips, parting the hair. A massage then softens the skin on the scalp and offers a moment of relaxation. The treatment will be kept on a hairnet before removing with a mild shampoo.


Workshop on how to apply make-up and regain self-confidence

In the medical make-up workshop of the Avène spa, our specialists will teach you effective make-up techniques to conceal your skin imperfections. Whether you are a man or woman, you will discover the best way to apply creams, corrective sticks and powders, depending on whether you have eczema or psoriasis.

Good habits to learn how to manage your skin condition

During your spa treatment, take part in the various workshops offered by our teams. These workshops will help you learn how to better manage your psoriasis or eczema on a daily basis. Our hygiene and moisturising workshop will show you good habits, while our workshop on alternatives to scratching gives you tips for dealing with itching. Don't wait: sign up today!

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