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Anti-ageing face serum: guide and advice

It has become an integral part of anti-ageing care routines: a serum packed with active ingredients. How to choose the right one? When to apply it? We help you figure it out.

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What is the role of an anti-ageing serum?

The texture of a serum is more fluid than a day or night cream; it is applied with a pump bottle or a pipette, after cleansing the skin and before applying your anti-ageing products.

The serum acts in depth and preps the skin to receive its anti-ageing products. It reinforces the action thanks to its highly concentrated and perfectly targeted formulation.

Thus, there are as many serums as there are "problems" to be solved: they can have antioxidant, anti-drying, anti-sagging properties...

The different anti-ageing products 

An anti-ageing face serum for every skin need

Dullness and fine lines usually appear in the thirties. To prevent them, you need to tackle oxidative stress; in other words, the effects of pollution, the sun or smoking on your skin. In this case, you need an anti-wrinkle serum packed with ProVitamins C and E with antioxidant properties. 

If you want to reduce the appearance of more established wrinkles and help your skin feel firmer choose an anti-wrinkle serum composed of hyaluronic acid, which plumps up the skin and boosts the presence of hyaluronic acid. In other words: it acts both on the surface and in depth! 

And to act on all the signs of skin ageing, go for a serum that revitalises the skin due to a combination of active ingredients selected for their high tolerance, such as Bakuchiol. This genuine ingredient of natural origin is an alternative to retinol, ideal for sensitive and reactive skin types. 

Which anti-ageing active ingredients should be favoured?

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Morning or evening, when is the best time to apply an anti-ageing serum?

It depends on the objective: if your serum targets the impact of oxidative stress with an anti-pollution action, it’s better to apply it in the morning, before your anti-ageing day care. The same advice applies if your anti-wrinkle serum contains smoothing and tightening active ingredients, with immediately visible effects. However, if your serum is intended to act in depth to regenerate your skin, it’s better to apply it in the evening, before your anti-ageing night care. Because while you sleep, your skin is working!

Everything you need to know about active ingredients


Here are some simple steps to help you reinforce the action of your serum.


For firmer looking skin

Apply a dose of serum to your face, then pat your face and neck to tone. Then smooth from the centre of the face to the contours (not forgetting the neck) and stimulate by pinching the skin gently between thumb and forefinger.

For more radiance

After applying your dose of anti-ageing serum, then tapping and smoothing the product on your face and neck, apply the cupping technique: simply place your hands on your face and then quickly lift them off to stimulate the blood microcirculation. A healthy glow is guaranteed!

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