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Loss of firmness and lack of radiance: what solutions to use?

Over time, the skin loses its firmness or becomes more dehydrated. These are the signs of skin ageing that are as uncomfortable for the skin as they are unpleasant to see. Our expert advice on how to keep your skin glowing for as long as possible.

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Why does the face lose its firmness? 

Do you know what the dermis is? It’s the second layer of skin, which lies beneath the epidermis. It’s responsible for the strength and suppleness of the skin. But over the years, the skin's texture changes and it loses its tone. The fatty tissue melts and no longer plays its supporting role. The volume and the appearance of the face are then modified. 

A = young skin 
B = mature skin 
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How to tighten the skin of the face naturally?

To regain firmer looking skin , the skin of your face needs to be stimulated. 

• In the morning, start your skin care ritual with by cleansing. This first step will remove dead skin and facilitate cell renewal
• Then turn to a plumping product, rich in hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient well known to promote firmer looking skin Another advantage is that it helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles... and to fill in existing ones. 
• Finish by applying a smoothing product. By tapping with your fingertips, you will activate your circulation and firm your skin. 

Our advice on anti-ageing care

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Sagging lower face: what to do?

With age, the skin becomes slack. Your jawline may be particularly affected, giving you a sad look. To restore firmness, pinch the jawline between your thumb and index finger for several minutes. This helps to boost blood circulation and firm the skin. In terms of skincare, turn to an anti-wrinkle firming cream which will give the skin a more youthful look
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Why is my complexion dull?

Ageing can cause a loss of radiance. Cellular renewal malfunctions, blood circulation slows down... But that's not all. 

Are you familiar with the term "exposome"? It is all the small external factors that impact your body. 

For lack of radiance, the culprits are well identified: smoking, alcohol, poor diet or lack of sleep can quickly turn your complexion grey. In order for it to regain its brightness, you should pay attention to your lifestyle. By getting enough sleep, filling up on vitamins and regular physical activity. 

Good habits for your skin

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How to naturally revive a dull complexion?


Prep your skin

Every day, your skin accumulates pollution particles that cause your complexion to lose its radiance. At the end of the day, therefore, systematically remove your make-up with a micellar lotion. Then soften and soothe your face with a fine mist of Thermal Spring Water Spray.

Then adopt the right habits. Go with a radiance serum rich in vitamin C. Apply a few drops to your face morning and evening. By massaging lightly, you will activate your circulation. Because a dull complexion also involves the eyes, revive your features with suitable products. Fill up on vitamins with a revitalising nourishing cream. Finally, at night, help your skin regain its radiance with revitalising products. 

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