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Dry skin or dehydrated skin during pregnancy?

A growing belly is not the only visible sign of pregnancy. This is also noticeable on the skin, which may appear drier and less hydrated. Here are some tips on how to do this for you and your baby.

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Why does my skin look drier during pregnancy?

Hormonal influences cause many changes in the mother-to-be during pregnancy. Inside the body of course, but also for the skin. These include, for example, blemishes, which can appear or reappear, or the pregnancy mask - a hyperpigmentation of the skin that is linked to sun exposure. As it gradually stretches, its elasticity is also put to the test, and stretch marks may appear. In some women, skin may also become drier.

In reality, it is mainly due to dehydration: hormonal changes can alter the hydrolipidic film. To restore its moisture barrier, regain comfort, prevent the appearance of stretch marks and limit the itching that can occur during pregnancy due to the dryness, the skin must be nourished with oils, of course, and above all with moisturising agents.

Dry or dehydrated skin, what is the difference?


I had acne-prone skin. Ever since the birth of my daughter, I have had skin that feels tight. Now I use cream at night to make my skin comfortable again.

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Pregnancy: moisturising the skin inside... and out

Drinking enough water is essential to keep your skin supple. Even if, like many pregnant women, you are concerned about water retention, it is still essential to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day. And don't forget fresh fruit and vegetables, which are also good sources of water. Cucumber, for example, is made of 96% water!

To prevent further dehydration of your skin, also avoid environments made too dry by heating (if your pregnancy is in winter) or air conditioning (if it is in summer). Consider placing a humidifier in your room. And in the bathroom, choose products that are safe for use during pregnancy.

How to care for dehydrated skin


Cleanse and dry your skin to protect it during pregnancy

Here are some tips on how to gently cleanse and dry your skin.


How to wash during pregnancy

Dehydrated skin and hot water do not mix well, especially when the water is hard: the risk of tightness is increased. For your daily routine, shower with warm water and use a rich, creamy shower gel. It will provide the necessary nourishing and moisturising agents to restore comfort to your skin.

How to dry yourself during pregnancy

During pregnancy, drying the skin should be done gently, otherwise it will become even more dehydrated and dry. During these few months, you should use your towel to pat your body, especially if you experience slight itching due to dry skin, which is perfectly normal during pregnancy.


Pregnancy: choosing safe, sensory products

After showering, it's time to moisturise your body. In terms of texture, there are several options depending on the extent of your skin's dryness. Smooth or rich skin care products, in the form of milks or balms, the choice is yours! To quickly dress after moisturising your body, try formulas that leave no oily residue on the skin.

And to avoid cosmetic ingredients that are not recommended during pregnancy because of their possible toxicity for you or your unborn child, please ensure you read the warnings on the label of your cosmetic product.

Moisturising your face during pregnancy

Moisturising your face during pregnancy

The dehydration of your skin during pregnancy is related to the changes it undergoes. During this particular period, it can be helpful to change your face care routine by choosing products that are richer and more nourishing and hydrating than normal. And as for the body, choose products that will respect your sensitive skin as a pregnant woman.

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