How do you fight the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes?

The good news is that the wrinkles around the eyes are a reflection of your good mood! Even if these expression lines are unavoidable, you can still reduce their appearance.

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How do wrinkles form around the eyes?

You may be wondering just why wrinkles around the eyes appear. They are formed over time as you repeatedly smile and scrunch up your eyes, in combination with the natural evolution of your skin. Over the years, it loses tone, volume and firmness. 

However, there is no need to stop smiling! There are other factors involved in this process, which can be slowed down.

How to prevent skin ageing?

Wrinkles around the eyes: the right habits

As you know, the sun is not good for the skin. This is even more true for the skin around the eyes, which is four times thinner than the rest of the face! So apply appropriate sun care products and don't forget to wear sunglasses! This will prevent your eyes from wrinkling and your skin from becoming marked. This is also the case with tobacco...

Finally, wrinkles can also reflect a lack of moisture. This is especially true for wrinkles under the eyes. It is therefore advisable to use moisturising products with specific formulations for the eye contour, a very fragile, sensitive and delicate area.
What kind of care to use for wrinkles around the eyes?

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A fragile and complex area, the eye contour deserves the best of the best!

Wrinkles around the eyes + wrinkles under the eyes + dark circles + puffiness = a tired looking face! To correct this impression, go for a three-in-one product that has the power to fill in wrinkles, smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Applied in the morning and/or evening, just after a serum boosted with active ingredients, this care product will diffuse its benefits continuously thanks to its patch texture. If you apply it in the evening, don't forget to apply a revitalising and smoothing balm to the whole face (and neck and décolletage, neck and chest) for a radiant complexion in the morning.


How to optimise anti-wrinkle care around the eyes?


Wrinkles around the eyes: tap

It cannot be repeated enough: the eye contour is a (very, very) fragile area. To apply your skin care product and activate microcirculation, go the gentle way by lightly tapping the eye contour from the inside to the outside. 

Under-eye bags: do some gymnastics!

To prevent the formation of bags under the eyes, squint your eyes as if to protect yourself from the sun's glare. Hold this expression for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. A mini facial exercise for maximum efficiency!

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