Discover the first post-biotic restoring active ingredient derived from Avène thermal spring water: its origin, its uniqueness and its properties.
[C+-Restore]™ is the first patented* post-biotic restoring active ingredient from Avène Thermal Spring Water. Developed from a unique bacterium, it substantially restores the skin.
The development of this promising new active ingredient is revolutionising the traditional approach to skin restoration.
Patented* active ingredient
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[C+-Restore]™: a next-generation active ingredient 

Recent research has shown the importance of the microbiome in the health of our bodies... and our skin.

There is a unique bacterium in Avène thermal spring water which only survives in the deep, crystalline waters of Avène: Aquaphilus dolomiae. It is from a culture of this precious bacterium that the researchers of Avène Dermatological Laboratories have managed to extract [C+-Restore]™, Pierre Fabre’s 1st post-biotic restoring active ingredient derived from Avène Thermal Spring Water. 

A new active ingredient, drawn from the sources of nature, which promotes the restoration of the epidermis

The latest scientific findings on the fundamental role of the microbiome in skin health have led to some exciting innovations in skin restoration. And above all, to an increase in efficiency!

The proven power of good bacteria!

What is the definition of the microbiome? Simply put, the microbiome is the set of bacteria that play a positive role in your body.

These "good bacteria" secrete molecules capable of stimulating restoration in the intestine. Our researchers have transposed this model of optimal restoration to the skin. 

They were able to identify a unique bacterium, specific to Avène thermal spring water: Aquaphilus dolomiae. It is rich in proteins capable of restoring the skin . 

They managed to isolate these molecules. It is from this complex biotechnological process that [C+-Restore]™, a post-biotic active ingredient dedicated to skin restoration, was born.

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In practical terms, how does [C+-Restore]™ act?

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By accelerating the natural restoration mechanism

Now, [C+-Restore]™ helps to support the skin's natural restoration mechanisms. This post-biotic active ingredient helps to provide the optimal environment for the skin’s own natural renewal process. The result? Skin restores faster.


Restore and soothe sensitive irritated skin.

our skin has the amazing capacity to restore itself naturally, there is no question of leaving it to fend for itself!

Cicalfate+ is THE range to promote skin restoration for the sensitive and irritated skin of the whole family, even on external intimate areas.

Combined with the purifying Copper-Zinc complex and Avène Thermal Spring Water, the new post-biotic active ingredient [C+-Restore]™ is a key element in the composition of Cicalfate+ products.

A unique formula to immediately soften, soothe and restore your skin within 48 hours(1).

In the same range


[C+-Restore]™: an innovative active ingredient at the heart of the Cicalfate+ range.

Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream

Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream

Soothes - Repairs - Purifies

The essentials for everyday.

The essentials for everyday.

Dryness, irritation and sensations of discomfort? For every dry, irritated skin type, there is a Cicalfate+ solution. Discover the range adapted to the specific needs of each dry, sensitive and irritated skin type.



The ingredients in our products are carefully selected for their effectiveness.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

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*Patent pending

Phase IV study on 1,711 patients (France, French overseas territories, Italy). For 75% of patients, use of XeraCalm A.D alone once or twice a day for 7 days in the pruritic xerosis indication.

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