Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

Calms - Soothes - Restores the skin barrier

Softening and soothing spray for instant comfort. With just one spray, the Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray releases a pleasant mist that softens and soothes the skin.

  • Baby
  • Irritations
  • Post-acte
  • Mask

Effectiveness demonstrated by 150 clinical and scientific studies.

Spray bottle

Usable by Family

Age From 0 month(s)

Skin type All skin types

Need Anti-irritation

Made in France


To help soothe and restore balance to even the most sensitive skin

Frequency of use

Several times a day

Tips for use

For a soothing and refreshing effect, spray generously for several seconds, wait a moment and then gently pat dry with a towel.

An expert tip

For greater effectiveness, a compress is the ideal solution: fold a compress. Soak it with Avène Thermal Spring Water Apply it to the affected area and spray again. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

Clinical results

Scientifically proven properties: reduction of skin sensitivity in infants, children, and adults

-30%from 5 minutes¹
-64%during the 1st week¹
100%of users enjoy using it²

*Dermatological study conducted on 6,368 people with sensitive skin. Sensitive, hypersensitive, allergy-prone or dry skin after applying a skincare product. Evaluation for 7 days, with an application twice/day. Application of the Thermal Spring Water Spray by itself or in combination with medicinal treatments and/or other cosmetic products.
2Percentage of satisfied users 30 minutes after applying the skincare product, 20 people, 2 applications of the Thermal Spring Water Spray.


*A decrease in skin sensitivity by 30% after five minutes and by 64% within the first week. Study conducted on more than 6,300 people with sensitive skin, including infants, children and adults.

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Your reviews on  Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

Your reviews on Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

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Amazing !

One of my cult-favorite products. I have sensitive skin sometimes, a spritz of this and my skin feels so hydrated, glowing, plumped and calm. I love to use this before my HA, it really works well under or over makeup too. A wonder product.

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So many uses, I especially like using this with the milk cleanser to take my makeup off. The little bottle is handy for handbags and going away but the big one is a great cosmetics cupboard staple!

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Redness reducing

Due to rosacea, I do not sweat on my face and prone to flushing and redness when working out/exercising. I use this spray on my face to cool me down and greatly reduces post work out redness to slight pinkness now. Couldn't go without it now.

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Love it!

So soothing and refreshing.

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Cooling, soothing

Fantastic cooling water spray. Soothes irritated skin and feel hydrated. Great!

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Ingredients Ingredients

An active, naturally soothing Thermal Water to soothe sensitive skin.


The consumer is advised to systematically check the composition of the product before purchasing it.

Avene thermal water


Thanks to a unique mineral and biological characteristic, it has soothing, repairing and rebalancing properties.


Any concerns or questions? Our experts are here for you.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is ideal for finishing off make-up removal on sensitive skin. After removing your make-up, spray the Thermal Spring Water on your face and massage with your fingertips in small circular movements before wiping off.

To soothe the skin you can make compresses by soaking cotton pads in Thermal Spring Water, which you can then apply on irritated eyelids and let rest 10 min. Repeat as often as necessary.

Using Avène Thermal Spring Water before applying your moisturiser makes it easier to apply and increases the luminosity of the complexion. To do this, spray generously, massage the Avène Thermal Spring Water into the skin to better penetrate the stratum corneum, blot the excess with a tissue and immediately apply your moisturizer.

The Avène thermal water is captured and transported to the production unit where the Avène Thermal Water Spray is packaged, and to the thermal baths where spa clients follow their treatment programme. This allows you to benefit from all the properties of this soothing and anti-irritating water right at home.

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