The importance of SPF
in your daily skincare

Summer and winter alike, your skin faces several risks and assaults from UVA and UVB rays. To protect it, you need to add SPF to your daily beauty routine. SPF 20, 30 and even 50+... Choose your level of protection according to your skin type and (especially) its sensitivity.

L’importance des SPF dans votre soin quotidien

Boost the
skin's hydration

Season after season, your skin is subjected to a number of harsh factors (pollution, blue light, extreme temperatures, etc.). As a result, it can feel tight, becomes more sensitive and ends up losing its glow. To reverse this situation, nothing could be easier. Simply set up a skincare routine that is adapted to your skin type, but also to your body's rhythm. While your epidermis absorbs only 30% of the active ingredients of your creams during the day, it can integrate almost 100% of them at night.

Booster l'hydratation de la peau pendant la nuit

The beauty routine of wide-awake
and hydrated skin

Mornings are always a race for time. The minutes fly by and you don't always have time to care for your skin as you wish. To establish a skincare routine that is simple, rapid and (extremely) effective, here are 2 key steps that will open your eyes, even when you're still half-asleep.

La routine beauté d'une peau bien réveillée et hydratée

Glowing skin
after exercise

Yoga, the pool, the gym or tennis... Sport has extremely positive effects on your muscles, your mind but also your skin. We tend to forget, but our epidermis is an incredible elimination organ that rids our body of toxins and impurities through our pores. To improve the effects of exercise on your skin, here are some simple steps that ensure a luminous and healthy-looking epidermis.

Une peau rayonnante après le sport
Ces plantes d'intérieur qui veulent du bien à votre peau

Household plants
that help your skin

Between constant heating or air conditioning, air fresheners and cleaning products with ultra-chemical formulations, your ‘home sweet home’ has actually become full of pollution. To overcome this, we recommended you fill your home with restorative plants. Beyond simply being a decorative object plants have undeniable beautifying properties.

Hydratation & sport, les bonnes habitudes à prendre

Hydration & sport,
the right habits to adopt

Whether you prefer to work out with friends, whether you're more into paddle boarding or taking a spin class, exercise improves your overall well-being. It's also a great way to eliminate the toxins and impurities in your skin pores. However, exercise can also put considerable stress on your skin. Whilst perspiring can give you a healthy glow, sweat can also irritate your skin and sometimes cause breakouts. To avoid this, make sure you have a post-exercise skincare routine.

Les eaux infusées pour s'hydrater et se faire plaisir

Infused water to stay hydrated
and have a treat

Infused water, with fresh cut fruit, has been gaining popularity, especially in the US, year after year. Naturally rich in vitamins, this water boosts your fluid intake and energises your skin with its many natural ingredients. In short, it's the perfect way to enjoy yourself while giving your body what it needs.

Les fruits et légumes boosters d'hydratation

fruits and vegetables

Creams, serums, cleansing gels... Cosmetic care products are undeniable allies for proper skin functions. But, in reality, 80% of hydration comes from the diet, compared to 20% from skincare. Glow, suppleness, the quality of the complexion, all of these factors can be controlled by what you put on your plate.

L'hydratation jusque dans nos assiettes

you are what you eat

To hydrate your skin, choosing the right cosmetics is a crucial step. But one of the body's favourite sources of hydration comes from what you eat (80% vs. 20% for skincare). Fruits, vegetables, oils, dairy and fish...

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