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Our top tips Recycle our products and save water in your bathroom

Every gesture, even the smallest and simplest, counts, starting with sorting waste in your bathroom. A habit that is now a well-established part of our everyday lives.

However, we can sometimes doubt whether a certain type of packaging needs to be disposed of separately or not. And what about this one? When it comes to saving water, the subject is less puzzling – if the tap is off, it’s not being wasted! 
Discover a few tips to help you sort our products and reduce your water consumption in your bathroom. 

Recycling our products

Recycling our products

What’s sorted properly can be recycled! For recyclable packaging, head for the recycling bin. For all the others, head to the household waste bin.

Outer packaging and leaflets: recyclable paper and/or cardboard

Pump bottles: recyclable

Bottles: recyclable

Spray bottles: recyclable

Tubes: recyclable

Pots (Hydrance Aqua-Gel, Body): recyclable

Airless bottles and pots: not recyclable

Sterile Cosmetic bottles and tubes: not recyclable

Couvrance makeup (excluding foundation tubes): not recyclable

Pots (Revitalising Nourishing Cream): not recyclable

To save water 

Without having to miss out on a moment of well-being in the bathroom, you can save water by adopting a few simple steps. 
When brushing your teeth or shaving, for example, turn off the water tap when you don’t need it. This will save at least 18 litres. If you multiply this by the number of times you brush your teeth and/or shave, this figure will soon add up considerably.
Opt for showers over baths and turn of the water when soaping yourself. This can have a dual benefit – one for the environment and one for your skin. For the environment, you will help decrease your water consumption. Taking a shower (on average, 80 litres of water) uses up three times less water compared to having a bath. In terms of your skin, you’ll be helping to take care of it. Hard water tends to dry out the skin, excess chlorine can irritate it. By cutting out baths, your skin will have less contact with the water. We think five minutes is plenty for a shower, giving you enough time to listen to your favourite song to start the day, or finish the day feeling fresh! For those who want to go further, there’s also equipment you can get to help save water.

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