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Our principles

In 2018, we measured the brand’s water and carbon footprint to validate the axes of progress and levers of action required to continue to limit it. French production, biodegradability of skincare products, eco-design packaging, we have defined principles to integrate environmental dimensions into the development and production of our products.

Water and Carbon Footprint 

We measured our water and carbon footprint in 2018. Our overall water consumption is equivalent to the consumption of the city of Paris for 20 days1. The consumption of Avène Thermal Spring Water is equivalent to the annual consumption of 350 French households2. This consumption mainly relates to producing the ingredients and customer use of our rinse-off products. In terms of carbon, our footprint is equivalent to the emissions of 11,580 French people per year3. This consumption mainly relates to packaging production. The study of our water and carbon footprint was a starting point for assessing the efforts already provided and identifying new avenues for progress.
Data sources: 
1 - Paris City Hall
2 – INSEE (French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research) factory consumption, thermal baths, hotel and related to the products: direct consumption for a home of 2.5 people
3 - Planetoscope.com

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French production

We ensure that we favour French production. 35% of our raw materials are produced in France, 43% in Europe1. Our exceptional active ingredient Avène Thermal Spring Water emerges at the Sainte-Odile spring in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park in southwestern France. 86% of our packaging is made in France, 13% in Europe2. All our products are manufactured and packed in France3 mainly at Avène-les-Bains. 
Data sources:
1 – 2019 data – Europe = European Union, England and Switzerland, outside France
2 – 2019 data – Europe = European Union, outside France
3 – Excluding specific products in the Couvrance range

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We strive to apply the principle “ less is more ” with every reformulation, to reduce the number of ingredients. This translates into selecting only what is needed, so the product has the right effect and gives you the right dose of ingredients.
We plan to offer more and more natural formulas. The new formulas will be developed with a goal of at least 85 to 90% natural ingredients. We will make sure we do this without significantly degrading our water footprint. In fact, producing natural ingredients generally requires a more significant consumption of water for growing the plants.
For all new rinse-off, and leave-on skincare products, we will prioritise the biodegradability of the formulas once used1 so as not to alter aquatic environments. Today, 90% of our rinse-off products are biodegradable.
1 & 2 OCDE 301B test
2- excluding specific products

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With each new product, we set ourselves the goal of saving materials or incorporating recycled materials. Our boxes and inserts are made from cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests and, where we can, we will remove them. 
By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be reusable or recyclable in a circular economy.

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