Skincare with biomimetic ingredients that mimic the wonder of skin

BIOMIMETISM Skincare with biomimetic ingredients that mimic the wonder of skin

Our skin is really clever. What if a moisturiser
could mimic the skin's composition?  

Our skin knows what it needs and what is good for it.
It naturally protects against external aggressors with its skin barrier and knows everything it needs on a daily basis to be hydrated and healthy. 
Naturally, it is therefore our best source of inspiration.

To take care of all skin types, sensitive or otherwise, our experts have proven that imitating the skin and its components, while also mimicking its natural protective structure, brings maximised benefits. This is called biomimetism.

For example, the hydrating power of a mimetic formula goes beyond that of a traditional formula, without the use of clogging silicones that can be harmful to the environment.
Our skin is smart and looks after itself, just observing it shows this to be true.


What is biomimetism?

Our skin is put through its paces every day. Our environment, variations in temperature, pollution, stress and fatigue all impact our skin quality. It becomes dehydrated and can even become uncomfortable.

This is where biomimetism comes in. By imitating the skin's natural composition, it provides the skin with only high tolerance,100% natural-origin ingredients. Biomimetism is inspired by the skin, imitating its natural protective power to create innovative skincare.

Biomimetic skincare incorporates ingredients naturally found in skin such as water, lipids, proteins, sugars and mineral salts. Your skin is therefore naturally in harmony with these skincare products, it “ accepts ” them and knows how to use them to help replenish the skin's natural barrier.

100% Natural origin ingredients


skincare formulated in perfect harmony with the skin


an biodegradable* formula made of ingredients of natural origin that is kind to skin

*According to ‎test OECD 301B

Biomimicry: innovation that mimics nature’s engineering in order to protect it

Katia RavardTransversal & Biomimetic Project Manager Avène Thermal Spring Water

Tolérance Hydra-10 microbiome-friendly skincare

Discover TOLÉRANCE HYDRA-10, the 1st 100% natural biomimetic-inspired moisturising skincare product. Formulated to work in perfect harmony with your skin.

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