Make-up for sensitive skin

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Make-up for sensitive skin

Do temperature changes affect your skin? Does your skin show marks easily? No doubt about it, it’s sensitive. And not all cosmetics are suitable for it. Fortunately, there are high tolerance products specially designed for sensitive skin. What make-up routine should you adopt? We’ll tell you everything.

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What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is skin that is characterised by its excessive reactivity to external agents such as city water, which is often too hard, the cold or the use of certain cosmetic products. The skin is thin, fair and fragile most of the time, prone to redness and even flaking in places. Unlike atopic skin, for example, sensitive skin is sensitive without any skin pathology. All skin types (oily or dry) can be affected by this sensitivity.

"I have very sensitive skin that reacts badly to make-up products. I have small eyes, I would like to enlarge my eyes with mascara, but I'm too afraid of having an allergic reaction..."

Céline, 18 years old

For sensitive skin, the right make-up base is a must

In order not to accentuate the skin's sensitivity, the most important thing is to choose make-up products that are specially formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions, that are fragrance-free and that can be easily removed.

Even before applying make-up, opt for a moisturising cream (such as Tolerance CONTROL). To apply it and not make your skin red, avoid rubbing your face in circular motions. Dispense the cream on your fingertips, apply it on your cheeks, forehead and neck, then smooth gently from the centre to the edges of your face.

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Sensitive skin: play up colours for a healthy complexion 

Sensitive skin is often prone to redness. To neutralise them, start by applying a green corrector stick, tapping with your fingertip until the redness turns grey. Then apply the Compact Foundation Cream with a sponge, patting it on so you don’t mess up the previously applied Green Corrector Stick. You can also brighten dark circles and shadows with the Beige Concealer Brush. For best results, apply it after the foundation, so you don't risk moving it around with the foundation.

As for products, choose the texture according to the intensity of the imperfection: liquid if it’s flaky or dehydrated or if you have just a few imperfections, and a compact cream to conceal more severe imperfections.
Finally, set your make-up with the Translucent Mosaic Powder or the Healthy Glow Mosaic Powder to give your complexion a glow. But if your skin is prone to itching and tightness, apply the powder lightly. Last but not least, don't forget to wash your sponges and brushes regularly. A little tip: Make your make-up last longer by spraying a fine mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water 20cm from the face. As it evaporates, the Thermal Spring Water sets the make-up.



Sensitive skin is not just about the cheeks or forehead. You should pay particular attention to your eye and lip make-up.

What kind of make-up for“sensitive eyes”? 

How to enhance your eyes without the risk of an allergic reaction. First of all, limit the amount of eyeshadow you wear. Brighten with Mosaic Powders instead. Then, as the eyebrows are less sensitive, do not hesitate to accentuate them to enhance your look. You can also use eye pencils specifically formulated for sensitive eyes which will help to enlarge the eyes. Choose black tones that use few pigments (blues, greens, purples should be avoided). For mascara, make sure it’s hypoallergenic and high tolerance with very pure pigments and with very few preservatives. 

How to highlight the lips? 

In the case of mild inflammation or redness on the face, your lip colour tends to go unnoticed. As a result, the face looks less harmonious. Putting make-up on the lips therefore helps to "rebalance” this harmony. But sensitive skin does not always tolerate pigments. You can apply a nourishing stick under your lipstick for example. If they are dry or chapped, use a repairing balm. A beautifying balm will have the advantage of nourishing the lips while giving them a natural colour.



How to apply lip make-up for a party?

For a bold evening look and to accentuate the lips even more, before applying a lip colour, apply the Beige Concealer Brush all around the mouth. As the contrast between the skin and the lips is accentuated, the your pout is highlighted and made even more beautiful. Just fill it in with a Beautifying Lip Balm in the shade of your choice to add the finishing touch to your evening make-up.


The right way to remove make-up from sensitive skin.

When it comes to removing make-up from your sensitive skin (as with everything else), you need to be gentle. Choose fragrance-free milk cleansers or gel lotions for hypersensitive skin, which can be massaged in with the fingertips, as the friction of cotton pads can irritate the skin. Simply take a dab of product and gently massage it into the face to loosen up impurities. Wipe off the excess with a tissue and then emulsify with a mist of thermal spring water and small circular movements, without pressing too hard, to complete the cleansing of your skin. Dry by gently patting the face.

Discover how to remove make-up the right way

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