Make-up for acne-prone skin

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Make-up for acne-prone skin

Acne-prone skin, should you deal with it or make it up? While social media touts self-acceptance and imperfections, it’s not so easy to everyone. Carefully chosen and applied, make-up can also help people to accept themselves better.

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Acne-prone skin: first, cleanse and moisturise

Before considering applying make-up, there are two essential steps to take care of acne-prone skin. 

First, cleansing: in the morning, it will remove the sebum produced during the night; in the evening, it will remove make-up, sebum and impurities accumulated during the day. Acne-prone skin needs to breathe to prevent blemishes from building up. In terms of products, micellar water or cleansing gel will suit you if your skin is oily. If your skin dry from the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist, choose a soft soothing cream cleanser formulated for acne-prone skin.

After cleansing, apply your treatment if you are on one, or moisturise your acne-prone skin directly. Your skin type will help you determine the right product. If it is oily, it needs to be moisturised as well as mattified: a light, non-greasy emulsion containing absorbent microcapsules is ideal. A soothing and nourishing cream will be more suitable for skin that has become dryer due to treatment. In all cases, these products should be non-comedogenic and formulated for skin with imperfections.

How to care for acne-prone skin

I used to be afraid to go out because of my severe acne, then one day I was told about corrective medical make-up. It changed my life

Andrea, 29 years old

Make-up for acne-prone skin: evening the complexion

Now your acne-prone skin is ready for make-up. Start by evening out your complexion, depending on the extent of your imperfections.
In the case of mild acne, choose a fluid foundation corrector. Apply it all over your face, dabbing it on with your fingertips or a sponge before smoothing it towards the edges of your face. Then, target your imperfections with a beige concealer brush. To blur the edges of the concealer without removing it, use a cotton swab.
If your acne is more severe, a matte-finish Compact Foundation Cream is more suitable. But first, start by camouflaging your imperfections with a corrector stick: green will hide red pimples, yellow will conceal purple spots and coral will reduce the appearance of brown scars. After applying your corrector with your finger or with a fine brush for a lighter application, move on to the Compact Foundation Cream, which you will apply with a sponge by tapping locally to avoid removing the corrector or for more coverage. On blemish-free areas and for a sheer finish, smooth toward the edges of the face and neck.

How to choose the right foundation

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Acne-prone skin: set your make-up

Your complexion make-up is almost finished. All that’s left is to set it and enhance it.

Make-up for acne-prone skin: setting

A veil of translucent mosaic powder will both mattify your complexion and set your make-up. Take the powder with a large brush and apply it all over the face, finishing off by weeping from the edges towards the centre. This way, the texture of the pimples will not be accentuated. If you want to illuminate your complexion while "blurring" wide pores, wrinkles or dehydration lines, choose the Brightening Mosaic Powder. 

Make-up for acne-prone skin: enhance 

If you want to refresh and revive the radiance of your complexion, don't hesitate to add a touch of Healthy Glow Mosaic Powder to your cheekbones. And if you want to achieve a bronzed finish, opt for the Sun Mosaic Powder: apply it just on the cheekbones or in a "3" shape to sculpt your face and intensify the tanned effect.


How to choose your powder


Your acne-prone skin is now perfectly made up. Now it’s time for the lips and eyes!

To finish your make-up, you have several options. Do you want to accentuate your lip make-up? With the Soft Nude, Velvet Pink or Bright Red beautifying lip balm, you don’t have to choose between colour, softness and comfort: it combines all three! Apply one coat for a natural finish, or two coats for a more intense effect. Do you prefer to focus on your eyes? Start by shaping your eyebrows with a blonde or brown eyebrow pencil, depending on your hair colour. Then use the High Definition Eye Pencil to apply eyeliner in a kohl or smoky style, depending on the mood or the occasion. In any case, one or two coats of High Tolerance Mascara will complete your eye make-up.

How to make up the eyes

The right way to apply make-up to acne-prone skin

The right way to apply make-up to acne-prone skin

To make your make-up last longer, don't forget the finishing touch: spray a fine mist of thermal spring water about 20 cm from your face. And remember to clean your sponge and brushes thoroughly! Simply to prevent the impurities left on your make-up accessories from being redeposited on your skin and encouraging the appearance of new pimples.

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