“No make-up” make-up

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“No make-up” make-up

It's one of the trends of the moment, adopted by many fashion, film and music personalities on social networks: the "no make-up” make-up look. In other words, " no make-up ". Because yes, it’s possible to enhance your face without make-up. Well, almost.

The "no make-up” make-up look, a new trend 

They used to make us dream with their glamorous and sophisticated make-up. Today, many stars are going au naturel with the "no make-up” make-up trend. A movement that is very present on social networks, which encourages each of us to accept ourselves and our imperfections. 

But many of us are a long way from there. Acne or wrinkles, oily or dry skin... depending on your mood or the moment, the "no make-up" look is sometimes difficult to picture calmly. The good news is that it’s possible to follow this trend by creating a light and transparent make-up look, from the complexion to the lips and the eyes.

How to choose my foundation

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I take care of my skin so that I can leave it as natural as possible, and that's why I like the "no make-up” look

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“No make-up”: make-up for the complexion

To achieve a fresh complexion in line with the "no make-up" trend, daily moisturising is a must. In the morning, start by boosting the luminosity of your complexion by applying a moisturising serum just before your day cream. And in the evening, apply a night care product adapted to your skin type.

Once your skin is moisturised, you need to even out your skin tone to give it an even brighter, flawless look. Apply a tinted BB cream or a liquid concealer to your face and neck with your fingers or a sponge for a natural finish. A beige concealer brush will correct, if necessary, your small imperfections such as dark circles or mild pimples. Use a cotton swab around the concealer to blend it into the make-up. 

Don't hesitate to apply a touch of lip enhancer to the apples of your cheeks, the bulge in your cheek when you smile. Velvet Pink or Bright Red, a healthy glow is guaranteed! And for an even more radiant complexion, add a touch of brightening mosaic powder to your “no make-up” make-up using a brush. This will also help to set it.

How to choose my powder

“No make-up”: make-up for the eyes and lips

Even if you adopt the "no make-up” look, you can still enhance your eyes and your smile... subtly!

Lift your eyes

As with the complexion, moisturising the particularly sensitive area around the eyes is essential. For a successful "no make-up " make-up look, add a moisturising, revitalising or anti-ageing treatment (in the evening) adapted to the eye area to your beauty routine. As for make-up, forget the pencil and eyeshadow and concentrate on the lashes and eyebrows. If the eyebrows are sparse, fill in the gaps with small strokes using a blonde or brown eyebrow pencil. Apply a touch of mascara to the lashes, without letting them clump. And that's it.

Highlight the lips

Here again, the step that should not be neglected is hydration. Cold cream stick to nourish, Cicalfate balm to repair, night care to complete... In "no make-up" mode, your lips must embody health! A touch of Nude, Velvet Pink or Bright Red lip perfector will then add shine and comfort to your lips. Apply it from the centre of the upper lip to the corners of the mouth, then fill in. Finish with the lower lip. For a light result, apply a single coat of perfector.


How to make up the lips


One of the conditions for a complexion that lends itself to the "no make-up” look is to protect yourself from the sun.

It cannot be repeated often enough: the sun is your skin's false friend, so you must protect yourself from it. For those of you who are into the "no make-up" trend and are looking for a flawless complexion, there are formulations that combine high sun protection, ease of application and a beautiful complexion. The B-Protect SPF 50+ cream, for example, incorporates tinted encapsulated micro-pigments that are released upon application to reveal a fresh, luminous complexion. It’s an ideal make-up base for those who wish to have moisturised, subtly enhanced and perfectly protected skin.

How to apply make-up in spring and summer

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The right steps for a "no make-up” make-up look

Your "no make-up" make-up is now finished. To prolong its hold in a natural and simple way, spray a fine mist of thermal spring water about 20 cm from your face.
And don't forget the other thing that will keep your skin glowing and healthy: carefully removing make-up from your face, eyes and lips, even if you wear very little.

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