Make-up for a party

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Make-up for a party

Daytime make-up and evening make-up do not follow the same rules. To make sure that it will keep you looking great all night long, follow these tips.

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Daytime make-up, evening make-up

Unlike daytime make-up, which has to adapt to natural light, evening make-up is supposed to work best under artificial light. 

Make-up artists advise opting for bold colours for eye and lip make-up. Why? Because artificial lights tend to absorb colours. But that's not all: at the end of the day, the complexion can show some signs of fatigue. Here too, it’s important to take this into account so that your evening make-up stays looking better for longer.

How to choose the right foundation

For the evening, I like to do a smoky eye make-up or a brighter lip make-up—it's one or the other

Evening make-up: the complexion

For the evening as well as for the day, start by moisturising the skin. Then, even out the complexion with a compact foundation: offering more coverage than a liquid foundation, it easily conceals imperfections such as pimples, dark circles or redness, while offering an intense yet natural finish. In short, for the evening, this is what you need.
The cream foundation is used with a sponge: apply it from the centre of the face outwards (without forgetting the neck), and pat it on if you want a full coverage result. Don't forget the eyelids either: the compact foundation cream will serve as a base for your eye make-up. If any imperfections remain, use a beige concealer brush to cover them up. 

Finally, apply a veil of brightening or healthy glow powder with a brush to set the make-up. The first will illuminate your complexion, the second will allow you to sculpt it using, for example, the very sophisticated contouring technique. 

How to do contour


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Evening make-up: the eyes

After the complexion, it's time for the eyes... and eyebrows!

Evening make-up: intense 

Your eye make-up comprises both your eyes and your eyebrows. Start by sculpting them with a blonde or brown eyebrow pencil, in order to define their shape (and the character of your face). Then move on to eye make-up. For an intense smoky look – the must-have of evening make-up – start by applying a kohl-like line of eye pencil on your lower eyelid. Then, on the upper eyelid, draw a strong line of eyeliner and blend up onto the mobile eyelid with a brush for a smoked effect. All you have to do is apply two coats of mascara to your lashes, and you're done! 

Evening make-up: very intense

If you want to give your eye make-up even more intensity, you can use eyeshadow. This should be applied before your eye pencil and mascara. If you don't have any eyeshadow, don't panic: with their shades ranging from light to dark, the translucent, healthy glow and sun mosaic powders allow you to combine them in any way you like to enhance your eyes. Just remember this rule of thumb, which applies both day and night: a touch of light colour applied to the brow bone opens up the eyes, and another just above the pupil makes the eye shine. And don't forget to blend the colours with a brush.


How to apply eye make-up


Evening make-up: the lips

Even if you’ve chosen to intensify your look, don't forget your lips! But how do you enhance them? Is a lipstick essential? The answer is no, especially if your lips are sensitive or irritated. Instead, opt for a lip perfector, which combines the colour of lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the comfort of a balm. If your eye make-up is very strong, choose the Soft Nude shade to highlight your lips subtly. But if you've decided to go all out with your lip make-up, there are two options: Velvet Pink, which intensifies the natural colour of your lips and goes well with cool-coloured clothes (pink, blue, green, purple, etc.), and Bright Red, which brightens up your complexion and goes well with warm-coloured clothes (red, poppy, coral, orange, etc.). For a really intense result, apply two coats of lip perfector.

How to make up the lips

The right gestures to make your evening make-up last

The right gestures to make your evening make-up last

To make your evening make-up last through the night, it's best to completely remove your daytime make-up and rehydrate your face with moisturiser and a spray of thermal spring water. You can then apply your evening make-up and spray again with thermal spring water to ensure it stays on better. If you don't have time to remove all your make-up, you can simply refresh any smudged make-up with a sponge dipped in foundation and touch up your make-up in the evening. Finish with a misting of thermal spring water to increase its hold all night long.

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