Autumn/winter make-up

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Autumn/winter make-up

Prolong your tan, protect your skin from the first drops in temperature, shine brightly on New Year's Eve... From the end of summer to the end of the year, your skin will go through all sorts of stages and states. We explain how to get through these times smoothly... and beautifully!

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Autumn/winter make-up: moisturising is a priority!

Whatever the season and whatever your current problem, moisturising your skin should remain the basis of your beauty routine. Serum and light moisturiser in autumn, a richer cream if your skin is dry: the choice is yours.

But autumn can also mean acne and its "rebound effect": during the summer, your skin has thickened and the appearance of your pimples has improved. As the skin regains its usual thickness, the pimples that temporarily disappeared come back with a vengeance. Before thinking about make-up, you need to treat your acne-prone skin with a suitable skin care product. 

You should have the same priority in winter if you are concerned about redness accentuated by the cold: don't ignore products specially designed to soothe and reduce redness. Now you're ready to apply your make-up!

How to apply make-up when you have acne


In the summer my skin is great, but in the autumn it's not the same, the spots come back. Fortunately, I have my concealer to hide them

Sandra, 26 years old

Autumn/winter make-up: evening out your complexion according to your needs

After applying your moisturising base adapted to your skin type, you need to even out your skin tone. In autumn as well as in the winter, a fluid foundation corrector is sufficient if you have slight imperfections (small acne spots, light dark circles). A fuller coverage Compact Foundation Cream is necessary if you have dark circles, inflammatory acne, redness or dark spots. Apply it with a sponge, smoothing it out for a sheer result and tapping for a full coverage result. 

If you want some additional correction on these imperfections, be careful with the order of your make-up application. The beige concealer brush should be applied to the imperfection after the fluid foundation corrector. Conversely, the corrector stick should be applied before the compact foundation cream. A coral stick, for example, is perfect in autumn to reduce the appearance of brown spots left by the sun. Yellow will hide blue and purplish dark circles, while green will camouflage inflammatory acne as well as redness due to the winter cold.

How to choose the right foundation


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Autumn/winter make-up: how to achieve a healthy glow

In autumn, we want to make our pretty summer complexion last as long as possible before it loses its colour.

Make your tan last

To maintain a sun-kissed complexion, use Brightening Mosaic Powder all over your face to set your make-up. Next, use a large brush to apply the Sun Mosaic Powder to the exposed parts of your face: forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin. The illusion is perfect! For the eyes, keep it simple with a line of kohl pencil or eyeliner and a touch of mascara. And don't forget to reshape your eyebrows!

Revive a dull complexion

The skin begins to dull. No doubt about it—winter is coming! To compensate for this lack of radiance, apply the Brightening and Healthy Glow Mosaic powders with a large brush all over your face to set your make-up while illuminating your complexion. This is also a good time to intensify your eye make-up. And for lips that dry out in the cold, replace your lipstick with a beautifying balm that combines care, comfort and colour.


How to apply eye make-up


The end of the year is not all rain, wind and cold. It's also the holidays, which give you the opportunity to dress up in your best clothes and wear your most sophisticated make-up! For your festive make-up, opt for a compact foundation cream: it will guarantee you coverage and long wear with an intense yet natural finish until the end of the night. 

Then apply a veil of brightening or healthy glow powder with a brush to set your make-up. Then move on to your eyes, starting by reshaping their frame – the eyebrows – with a pencil. For your eyes, the classic smoky look can easily be achieved with a black eye pencil: start by applying a line of pencil on your lower eyelid, and draw another bolder line of pencil on your upper eyelid. For a smoky effect, smudge with a brush up onto the eyelid. Add two coats of mascara for a deep look, and you're done! With this intense eye make-up, the Soft Nude Beautifying Lip Balm will look great!

How to apply make-up for a party

The right steps for autumn/winter make-up

The right steps for autumn/winter make-up

Whether it's to ensure that your make-up stays on for the day or evening, don't forget to spray a fine mist of thermal spring water about twenty centimetres from your face. And even if you don't wear a lot of make-up, the make-up removal step is essential to preserve your skin. When the weather is very cold, choose gentle formulas to avoid further aggravation to your skin.

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