Anti-fatigue make-up

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Anti-fatigue make-up

During exams, when you have too much work to do or after a night out with friends... Some mornings, the mirror gives you a tired reflection. Dark circles or a dull complexion, these are all signs that we would like to reduce. The good news is that make-up can be a great help. Here’s how.

Why does fatigue show itself on our face? 

It's not fair, fatigue marks the most visible part of our body: our face. Dark circles, bags under the eyes, dull complexion, spots... As soon as you’re tired, it shows immediately. Why? Our skin is dehydrated and microcirculation is slowed down. Cell renewal is slower and your complexion looks dull. Here are the steps to restore your skin's radiance.

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I always wear make-up to see my grandchildren, I want to look good for them

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How to brighten your complexion? 

It’s important to remember that even before going through the "make-up" process, you should first clean and moisturise your skin. This is the first step to restoring its glow. Then, brighten your complexion by evening it out with the Fluid Foundation Corrector. Designed for all skin types, even the fairest and most sensitive, it will restore the radiance of your complexion in a perfectly natural way. To do this, dispense a small amount onto your fingertips. Then dab it onto the centre of the face. Finally, smooth from the centre to the edges of the face, not forgetting the neck.

Make-up for the complexion

How to hide your dark circles?

The eye is surrounded by very thin skin. It’s therefore very fragile. If you’re tired, circulation becomes poor and dark circles can appear. To conceal them, apply a corrector stick with a fine brush, using the right shade:

  • If your dark circles are mild, use the beige concealer brush.
  • If they are blue-purple, opt for the yellow stick which neutralises these tones.
  • If you have brown circles, use the coral concealer stick.

Tip: to blend the corrector into dark circles, lightly tap with the tip of your ring finger. Another tip: apply your stick to dark circles, of course, but also to shadowy areas (hollow of the chin, wings of the nose, etc.) or to small imperfections (visible veins, redness, etc.).

Reduce dark circles


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We sometimes forget, but a good complexion also involves the eyes. 

Opening them up will help to brighten your face. Enhance your eyes with a thin line of long-wearing eye pencil, 2 to 3 coats of smudge-proof mascara, and a touch of healthy glow or sun mosaic powder on the eyelids for a guaranteed wow effect. 

Make-up for drooping eyelids

The right gestures to warm up your complexion

The right gestures to warm up your complexion

One technique is very useful to warm up the complexion: use the Healthy Glow or Sun Mosaic Powder to draw a "3" on the sides of the face. Start with the cheekbones, work your way up to the hairline and back down to the lower face. Then apply a small amount to the neck. This will sculpt your face to give it a healthy glow. 

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