Make-up: the trend is to go natural

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Make-up: the trend is to go natural

Contouring, Strobing, Glowy, No make-up... Are you curious about these new make-up trends? Don't worry, these fashionable terms used by the pros often reflect existing techniques for sculpting the face and illuminating and smoothing your complexion while remaining natural. With the constraints of everyday life, are you afraid you won't achieve a successful result? Creating a radiant look, being made up without looking it, or an express make-up look... we explain everything to you.

Make-up: looking healthy in all circumstances

Mental workload, busy schedule, stress, lack of sleep... the skin often reflects our physical and psychological state. A pale complexion, dark circles, dilated pores... It’s not always easy to achieve a fresh complexion. By adopting a daily skincare routine, you can get rid of that grey appearance. Here are our anti-fatigue beauty tips.

Restoring a healthy glow

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Make yourself up... without looking like it

On social media, the trend is "no make-up” make-up. The stars show themselves au naturel... and reassure us by accepting their small imperfections more easily. In the end, they are like us. So is their look genuine or all a myth? Because this "all natural" trend is often achieved with extremely subtle make-up. It’s indeed possible to use light make-up and to take care of our skin for a "bare" effect. We’re here to explain everything to you. 

Everything you need to know about “no make-up” make-up

For a party, I always use the same techniques to do my make-up. However, there are plenty of others. To be natural or more sophisticated, how do I achieve either look?

Coralie, 23 years old

Make-up for a party

The most beautiful look to go dancing! For an evening out with friends or a romantic dinner, evening make-up doesn’t follow the same rules as daytime make-up. Evening make-up is there to make you look your best... So it should be more sophisticated. But smoky-eyes and bold lipstick are not mandatory. Natural make-up can also be sexy. How to proceed? Why does evening make-up fade more easily and how can it be made to last longer? We’re here to explain everything to you. 

How to wear make-up at night

No time to put on make-up... what to do?

In the morning, your timing is so tight that you skip make-up? Were you invited to a restaurant at the last minute? Rest assured, you don't need to spend hours in the bathroom to look your best. We're not talking about putting on make-up on the bus, but about taking 5 minutes to make yourself look good by following some basic tips. A few tools are all you need. For example, a beautifying balm that has the advantage of replacing both a lipstick and a gloss. Hesitant? Follow our advice.

5-Minute make-up

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Colourful eyes, a delectable pout, a bronzed complexion... spring and summer are all about brightness. To achieve this, there are certain things you need to do, starting with sun protection. Create a soft tan. Because there can be a fine line between golden skin and red, blotchy skin. Also, some shades should be favoured and others (such as green or blue eyeshadows) should be avoided.
Depending on your hair colour and skin tone, follow our guide.

Spring-summer make-up

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What make-up to use in autumn and winter

Putting on make-up when the cold weather come around must address several issues. In autumn, we want to keep our tan, but too much sun often brings out skin problems (acne, brown spots, etc.). Winter is more marked by redness due to the cold. The complexion is dull, dark circles are more visible... Don't worry, nothing is insurmountable. Here are some keys to reviving your complexion in the rainy and cold seasons. 

Make-up for autumn and winter


Trendy make-up: we’re here to help you sort fact from fiction

This is both true and false. This is true if you don't apply much make-up and you have chosen a make-up base that is perfectly suited to your skin type.
On the other hand, if your day cream or make-up base is not adapted to your skin and if your make-up has been applied in a hurry, you have no guarantee that it will last all day. A word of advice: always have your make-up kit nearby for any touch-ups.

This is false. When you have a tan, your complexion is not the same. In winter, your skin is lighter. You should therefore adapt the shade of your foundation according to the season.

This is false. It's true that sweating can make you worry about your foundation running. Choose a compact foundation cream with a high protection factor and a matte finish. The Natural Comfort Compact Foundation Cream is water- and sweat-resistant.

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