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We can't say it enough: make-up removal is the most important step in your beauty routine, the one you shouldn't skip in any circumstances. But you still need the right products to remove your make-up and cleanse properly. They should be chosen according to your skin type and needs.

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Which product should I use to remove my make-up?

There are a million ways and methods to remove make-up today: micellar water, cleansing gel, gel, milk, cleansing oil, cleansing foam, rinse-off products, no-rinse, for the morning or the evening... Two elements should guide your choice: your skin type and your preferences and habits.

Choosing a make-up remover adapted to my skin type.

A make-up remover is like a day cream: it must be adapted to your skin type in order to preserve its balance and prevent skin ageing. 
For combination to oily skin or in the case of hormonal acne, choose non-comedogenic products so as not to aggravate their condition. Cleansing gel or cleansing foam is a good option. 
The drier the skin, the more it needs softness and lipids to nourish it. Avoid products that need to be rinsed to avoid damaging the skin with hard water. Make-up removal liquids or no-rinse cleansing milks are ideal for them. 

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Remove make-up according to the time of day.

Women in a hurry, for example, will probably prefer a no-rinse product such as a micellar water or cleanser, which are applied with a cotton pad (held between the lengths of the fingers for gentleness), or a no-rinse cleansing fluid that’s applied directly with the fingertips for maximum effectiveness. In the shower, a cleansing gel or foam cleanser also saves time and can be easily incorporated into your morning or evening cleansing routine.

Choose a make-up remover according to your preferences.

Obviously, your tastes also have a say: the application method, texture of the product, fragrance... the goal is to transform this mandatory step into a pleasant moment of care for you and your skin. Given the huge variety of products, you are spoilt for choice: watery, creamy, foamy, fluid, lighter or heavier, degree of freshness... All these elements come into play in your choice and are entirely up to you. One word of advice: pamper yourself!


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Your skin changes, so should your make-up removal method!

With age, the skin becomes increasingly dry and loses elasticity. For evening make-up removal, choose a milk cleanser adapted to your skin type, to be applied with the fingertips. A little tip when there is still product to be removed: moisten a tissue with thermal spring water to gently remove it.

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Choosing the right make-up remover

Micellar water or milk: choosing the right make-up remover

Micellar water

This is the comfort option: it gently cleanses the skin, leaving it fresh and clean, and is suitable for all skin types. To use it, apply it to a cotton pad; place the cotton pad between the lengths of the fingers and not the fingertips to reduce pressure on the skin, and don't hesitate to remove any excess product with thermal spring water. 

Milk cleanser

With its rich and creamy texture, it is a gentle method for dry or dehydrated skin, to replenish the skin while cleansing it. It’s applied to a cotton pad (held between the fingertips), and excess product can be removed with a tissue before finishing off your make-up removal with a lotion. 


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