Removing make-up without make-up remover

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Removing make-up without make-up remover

HELP! You're on the move and have forgotten your make-up bag, or you've run out of your favourite make-up remover... But you don't want to skip this essential step. How to remove make-up without make-up remover? Our tips.

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How to remove make-up without make-up remover? 

Don't panic. Head for the kitchen. Without even realising it, you have everything you need to replace your make-up remover. Vegetable oils (olive and sunflower for all skin types, sweet almond if you have oily skin, or coconut oil), dairy products, honey... all these products that you use every day have their own properties to cleanse your skin. You can soak a cotton pad and then cleanse your skin before rinsing with water. The oil works particularly well on waterproof make-up. If you have thermal spring water available, it’s also a good alternative to a classic make-up remover to get rid of light make-up.


How to remove make-up without a cotton pad?

There are many make-up removal products that do not require cotton pads, such as cleansing foams or gels that are applied with water. But in case you run out, you can also apply the make-up remover with your fingertips flat, after having let the product warm up for a few minutes in the palm of your hand. You can also take use a clean washcloth to gently apply your make-up remover to your face. Finally, there are now more responsible alternatives to cotton, such as reusable cotton. 

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Make-up removal with water: no need to overdo it

Yes to make-up removers or to vegetable oils, but no to water that is too hard, which can aggravate sensitive skin and is not enough to clean off stubborn make-up. If this is really the only form of water available, we prefer it warm, which is more effective than cold.

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