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To eliminate impurities and toxins, make-up removal is an essential step in your routine that should not be neglected, to preserve the beauty of the eyes. How to remove eye make-up properly? We’ll tell you everything.

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Why should you ALWAYS remove your eye make-up?

The eye area is a particularly sensitive area of the face, as the skin is very thin. Keeping your make-up on while sleeping leaves harmful pigments in contact with the skin for too long. They then mix with the hydrolipidic film and can promote the appearance of toxins, which in turn can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, irritation, allergic reactions or even the loss of eyelashes.

How to remove eye make-up properly? 

To remove make-up effectively and gently, choose a make-up remover specially formulated for the eyes. Adopt the right habits: soak a cotton pad with the product and gently pat it on the eyelid and around it, following the shape of the eye. Avoid rubbing too vigorously so as not to weaken this ultra-sensitive area of the face. Finally, to soothe the area, a lotion or thermal spring water can be applied after make-up removal.

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Remove make-up from sensitive eyes. 

If your eyes are very sensitive, if you wear contact lenses or if your eyelids are fragile, do not hesitate to invest in a specific product. With its watery-gel texture, the gentle eye make-up remover removes eye make-up without rubbing. Apply it to a cotton pad and place it on the eyelid. Wait three seconds for the product to soften the make-up, then smooth from top to bottom and finally from bottom to top.

How to remove stubborn make-up? 

An intense eye make-up remover is perfect if you are a fan of heavy eye make-up, and even if you wear contact lenses! Choose a product formulated with thermal spring water and make-up removing oils, which will easily remove waterproof make-up from the eyelashes and eyelids. To complete your make-up removal, soak your cotton pad with thermal spring water to remove all traces of oil and avoid eyelid swelling.

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Beware of mascara, the false friend of the eyes

It’s essential to remove your mascara every night so that the eye does not become irritated over time. In fact, when mascara flakes, it can release particles that weaken the tear film, leaving the cornea exposed. In the long term, these irritations will cause premature ageing of the eye and the sensitive skin around it. 

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