How do you apply make-up at 50?

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How do you apply make-up at 50?

At 50, you don't wear make-up like you did at 30. Your face now shows certain signs of ageing and has specific needs. How do you reduce expression lines or restore radiance to a sometimes dull complexion? Here are the answers to these questions... and many more.

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At 50, the signs of time are showing

From the age of 50 onwards, the signs of ageing start to appear. Over time, facial features change, which is only natural. The expression lines (on the forehead, at the corner of the eyes and at the mouth) are there. Your skin is more often dehydrated, your complexion can become dull, your eyes are more marked, dark circles can become deeper... But this does not mean that you cannot act. 
By keeping it simple, a few easy gestures and adjustments to your daily make-up routine can help you enhance your complexion.

Hide wrinkles

Prep your skin

Before applying make-up, it’s important to prepare your skin.

Hydration: the essential step

Your skin is drier. Moisturising the skin will determine the durability and luminosity of your make-up. Of course, the moisturiser must be adapted to your skin type. This is important to soften your skin without leaving too much oil behind. Every morning, apply it to your face, neck and dark circles.

Finish off with a serum 

To maximise the benefits of your daytime moisturiser, apply a serum tailored to your needs just before. Why? Adding a serum before your day cream increases the luminosity of the complexion, has a plumping effect and the make-up adheres to the fine lines and wrinkles better.


Enhance your complexion, that's the basis. Here are the keys to a perfect complexion at 50:


For slight imperfections, turn to the fluid foundation corrector. And for more severe imperfections, opt for the Compact Complexion Cream. Apply the foundation in small touches on the face, smoothing from the inside to the outside of the face, without forgetting the neck, the dark circles and the eyelids if they are brown. A tip: choose a foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone. 

Fight dark circles and shadows

The beige concealer brush quickly and easily hides small imperfections such as dark circles and shadows by giving them volume. Once you’ve applied your foundation, apply the beige concealer brush to your dark circles and wrinkles, then tap to blend the area. 

Fight dark spots

If you have dark spots on your face, décolletage or hands, use the coral correction stick. This shade helps to reduce brown discolouration.

Complexion powders 

They are essential for setting make-up and prolonging its hold. The brightening mosaic powder sets make-up lightly and gives luminosity to the complexion; the healthy glow mosaic powder helps to revive the complexion and the sun mosaic powder is perfect for enhancing it.

As the final touch to your complexion, apply the sun or healthy glow mosaic powder to the top of the cheekbone for a "lifting" effect. 

Reduce dark circles

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I never liked my dark circles and wrinkles. To reduce them, the beige concealer brush has become my essential make-up tool


Good to know: light shades increase volume while dark shades decrease it.

To smooth out wrinkles, dark circles, and reveal the radiance of shadowy areas of the face, use an illuminating brush (such as the Couvrance Beige Concealer Brush) locally. The beige concealer brush will lighten these areas to give them volume. A make-up must-have at 50!
Apply your concealer with the brush to the area to be corrected and tap to blend. And for greater effectiveness, apply the beige concealer brush after your foundation and let it dry for a few seconds before blending.

How to choose the right foundation

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Enhance your eyes

With time, the eyelids unfortunately tend to sag. Your eyes should therefore be emphasized... but not excessively. You should not weigh them down or accentuate fine lines with too much make-up. 
To emphasize your eyes, apply a brown or black pencil eyeliner, on the upper eyelid, flush with the lashes, and extend the line with a fine brush towards the outer corner of the eye. A little tip: to brighten up your eyes, apply the white shade of the Translucent Mosaic Powder under the brow bone and place a touch of it on the upper eyelid, above the iris of the eye. 

As for mascara, a light touch is enough to subtly enhance the eyes.
Finally, don't forget the eyebrows. From the age of 50 onwards, the tips of the eyebrows fall off, accentuating the sagging of the eye. Use the Eyebrow Pencil to line the upper part of the eyebrows to lengthen them. This is a step you should not skip.

Make-up for drooping eyelids

The right gestures to highlight your lips

The right gestures to highlight your lips

As we age, our lips become thinner. To increase volume, add shine to the lips by choosing beautifying balms over matte lipsticks. They also have the advantage of being nourishing.
A little tip: for a plump effect, play up contrasts by brightening the edges of the mouth with the beige concealer brush. 

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