How do you apply make-up at 40?

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How do you apply make-up at 40?

During midlife, the skin tends to change with a more uneven and dull complexion. Fortunately, by using high tolerance, fragrance-free make-up products and the right colours, a luminous, even complexion can be achieved effortlessly.

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40 years old: the start of skin maturity 

At 40, the wrinkles of the past decade begin to set in and the complexion no longer has as much radiance as before. Another change is the appearance of more visible dark circles, as signs of fatigue appear more quickly. But the skin is still young and a few make-up tricks are enough to obtain a luminous complexion in the long term, provided that a moisturising base is applied beforehand. Don't hesitate to apply a serum before your moisturiser at each change of season. This will give you a better glow and make-up will be easier to apply.

How to hide dark circles? 

A lot of work, insomnia or just after a party? Fatigue is felt and seen when you’re over 40. To eliminate those coloured circles under your eyes, corrector sticks allow for a targeted and discreet application. The only thing left to do is to choose the right shade to neutralise them. For example, yellow will hide blue or purple circles if you have fair skin, while coral will hide brown circles or melasma marks, otherwise known as pregnancy mask. To do this, use your fingertips to pick up a small amount of product from the corrector stick and apply it by gently dabbing it onto the skin. The application of foundation will even everything out. 

If your dark circles are more sunken in, opt for the beige concealer brush. Apply directly to the hollow area to plump up and brighten the skin around the eyes. 
The dark circles will disappear and your eyes will be bright. To enhance them even more, don't hesitate to apply a touch of mascara. To avoid accentuating dark circles, apply mascara only to the upper lashes. 

Conceal dark circles


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Restore an even and luminous complexion

One of the reasons why skin loses its radiance at the age of 40 is because it becomes drier, with marks of dehydration showing. And the first wrinkles start to stay for good. To bring radiance back to your complexion, you need to play up the light and moisturise again and again.

Restoring the complexion's radiance

Complexion make-up will require the application of a fluid foundation corrector with “colour reflection” pigments. The aim is to brighten up and further reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and enlarged pores. If you apply the foundation by dabbing it on with a sponge, you will increase the blurring effect even more. As for colour, opt for one shade lighter than your skin tone so as not to darken the complexion.

Brightening wrinkles

In order to keep the wrinkles that have already set in looking discreet, it is best to avoid wearing too much make-up. On the contrary, perhaps paradoxically, it will be a question of brightening them. Indeed, brightness increases volume. To do this, use the beige corrector brush, which will illuminate and brighten shadowy areas and wrinkles. For a smooth effect guaranteed!


Choose your foundation shade

Camouflage wrinkles

In my forties, my dark circles and nasolabial folds are deeper. Foundation is not enough, so I add a concealer to blend them in better.

Mathilde, 42 years old


A touch of brightening powder to set the complexion

To finish off your make-up, powder is important. But you don't want to look too made up. This is why it’s best to opt for the "Brightening Mosaic Powder". It will set your foundation and lightly illuminate it. If you wish, you can also add a bit of healthy glow or sun mosaic powder to sculpt the face. Then spray a fine mist of Avène thermal spring water for better hold of your daily make-up. To finish your beauty routine, apply a touch of beautifying lip balm as desired.

Make-up removal: an essential

Make-up removal: an essential

To respect your skin, not to accentuate its ageing and preserve the brightness of your complexion, the make-up removal stage remains essential. Every evening, gently cleanse your skin with a micellar lotion, a milk or a cleansing foam, to be chosen according to your skin type and your desires.

Remove make-up
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