How do you apply make-up at 30?

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How do you apply make-up at 30?

Your skin as a young woman has changed since your teenage years. It is usually a little drier, but can still have oily areas and sometimes a few acne spots. In short, your complex skin has specific needs. How do you apply make-up without it becoming a headache?

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Complex skin at the age of 30

If your skin is oily on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry everywhere else: your skin is combination. This is the most common skin type in your 30s.
If it is dry and the skin is thin: the first fine lines appear at the corner of the eyes, dark circles are more pronounced...
Brown spots due to melasma or the pill may also dot your face, on the forehead, cheeks, nose and upper lip.
In about a quarter of women, pimples may also persist or appear with hormonal fluctuations. They are mainly located on the chin and jaw.
Your goal: to harmonise this complex situation, through an adapted make-up routine.

Choosing the right make-up routine

How to even out your complexion?

After moisturising, your skin is supple and brighter and ready to be made up. Your make-up products will be easier to apply and will last much longer.

You need slight correction

A liquid foundation is perfect if you want to give your complexion a glow; it is also ideal for evening out slight imperfections such as redness, light acne or pores. Apply it to the entire face, dabbing with a sponge if dilated pores need to be "blurred", or smoothing from the centre to the edges of the face. Then use a beige concealer to hide mild dark circles or camouflage a small pimple. In this case, the excess product around the pimple can be removed with a cotton swab.

You need more correction

If your dark circles are more pronounced or if you want to hide melasma, highly inflamed pimples or acne scars, you must first neutralise the imperfection with a corrector.
For blue or purple circles, choose a yellow corrector stick; for brown circles, melasma and brown acne scars, choose a coral corrector stick; for red pimples, choose a green corrector stick. Apply the colour with your finger or a fine brush to the blemish until you achieve a grey tint.
To even out the complexion, apply up a compact foundation cream with a sponge. Dab onto blemishes for coverage, or smooth outward for a sheer finish.

Discover how to even out your complexion

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Enhance the complexion, lips and eyes

Your complexion is now even. Now you need to set your make-up with a powder, for a long-lasting result.
Depending on your needs or desires, there are several options available to you.

To set your make-up, choose a translucent mosaic powder and apply it with a brush all over the face. Use the brush in a backwards direction, working from the edges to the centre of the face, to avoid accentuating any skin texture.

If you want to revive your complexion, choose a healthy glow powder to apply to the cheekbones, the top of the forehead and the tip of the chin.
If you have dark skin or want to accentuate a bronze glow on sunny days, start by applying the translucent mosaic powder with a brush. Then sculpt your face with a bronzing powder. Draw a " 3 " on each side of the face, from the forehead to the chin and over the cheekbone.
To enhance your eyes, apply a touch of pencil and mascara. And for your lips, a touch of lip perfector. No colours are off limits: you can have fun (and match them to your clothes).

How to complete your look


I've just turned 30, I'm starting to get fine lines around my eyes and I see my skin changing! I find that my make-up doesn't hold up as well as it used to (if I don't use a moisturising serum).


For make-up to last, there is a prerequisite: moisturising. At the age of 30, a serum can also be added.

When you’re in your thirties, it’s common to observe certain changes in the skin during the change of season: the complexion becomes dull, loses its radiance... To get through this, you can add a step to your moisturising routine: a serum. These active ingredient concentrates are specially formulated to perfectly target the needs of your skin.
Before your day or night cream, don't hesitate to apply the serum that suits you with your fingertips. You will quickly notice the difference: your complexion will be brighter and your make-up will look better.

How to boost your skin's hydration

The right way to apply make-up at 30

The right way to apply make-up at 30

From a serum to target the skin's needs to a powder to set your make-up, you now know all the steps to make-up your thirty-something-year-old skin. To make your make-up last longer, spray your face with a fine mist of thermal spring water. And never forget the make-up removal stage: otherwise, you risk seeing certain imperfections accentuated and accelerating skin ageing. One last piece of advice: if you have sensitive skin, choose high-tolerance cosmetics, without fragrances or preservatives.

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