How do you apply make-up after 60?

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How do you apply make-up after 60?

How to apply make-up to mature skin to restore its radiance and reduce signs of fatigue? It’s possible. For this, choosing light-finish corrective make-up will enhance your complexion and rejuvenate your facial features through the right application methods. Follow the guide!

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After 60 years of age, the marks of time take hold

The signs of time can appear on your skin. Some wrinkles and brown spots are more visible while the epidermis becomes even drier. The result is a dull complexion. Moisturising is therefore an essential prerequisite for any make-up, for a successful rejuvenating effect. Adding a serum before your moisturiser all year round, morning and night, will increase the luminosity of your complexion even before you apply make-up.
It's not just your complexion that shows the signs of the years: your eyes may be more pronounced, your dark circles deeper and your eyelids may have lost some of their elasticity. Eye make-up therefore deserves your full attention. Not to mention the eyebrows, which are less full, with a shorter length and less emphasis on your eyes.

Hide wrinkles

How to rejuvenate your complexion?

After moisturising, your skin is supple and brighter and ready to be made up. Your make-up products will be easier to apply and will last much longer.


From a certain age, tanning tends to accentuate the marks of the years on the face. That's why it's always best to go for a lighter shade than your skin tone. To do this, apply a foundation adapted to your imperfections. So, choose a fluid foundation if your imperfections are light to moderate or a compact foundation with a little more coverage if your skin has more visible imperfections.

...and restore volume

To recover the volume lost over time on your face, light is still your best friend. Apply a thin layer of the Beige Concealer Brush to reduce shadows and wrinkles and add volume. For example, apply to the centre of the forehead, dark circles, the corner of the nose, the marionette lines, around the mouth and in the hollow of the chin. Then blend by tapping with your fingertip.


Choose your foundation shade

Tips to enhance your eyes

Your eyebrows tend to thin and shorten, they no longer play their role as the "eye frame" and your eyes seem less bright. To rejuvenate your brows, do not hesitate to reshape them. How do we keep them from becoming too heavy? Take care to lengthen the tail of the eyebrows starting from the arch. This is the highest point of your eyebrows, the one that lies on the diagonal of the outside of the nose and the pupil. Here are some other tips for rejuvenating your eyes:

  • Add a touch of white shadow under the eyebrow and some above the pupil to make the eye shine.
  • Then draw a thin line of eye pencil along the upper eyelid or, if you wish, in a thicker more cat-eye style.
  • Finally, apply mascara as a final touch to open up the eyes. In case of dark circles, apply only to the upper lashes 

Make-up for drooping eyelids 


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Since I was advised to be very light on eyeshadow and to use eyebrow make-up to lift my eyes, I find I look less tired



Enhance your lips with shine

If your lips are dry, start by softening them with a moisturising stick. This will make it easier to apply your lipstick. Choose slightly shiny lipsticks over matte versions, which harden the features. If you wish to rejuvenate your lips, brighten around the edges with the Beige Concealer Brush and don’t forget to line the cupid's bow: this gesture is important because the crisp edge that surrounds the lips tends to fade with age. Also remember to lightly powder over the top to prevent the lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines around the mouth.

Lip make-up

The right way to apply make-up after 60

The right way to apply make-up after 60

The final setting step

Finally, the make-up should have a nice finish and long-lasting hold. For this, a veil of brightening mosaic powder will provide the necessary luminosity and will make it possible to preserve enough brightness in the centre of the face. If you want to add even more volume to your face by sculpting it, apply the brightening mosaic powder with a smaller brush on certain high points of the face. More specifically, to restore the youthfulness of your complexion, rely on the lifting effect of Sun or Healthy Glow Mosaic Powder, depending on your skin tone. To do this, apply the powder to the top of the cheekbone and to the temples. Due to sagging skin, applying it to the apples of the cheeks (which is recommended in your 20s) now risks making you look tired. 
All that remains is to set everything with a fine spray of Avène Thermal Water 20 cm from the face.

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