How to reshape your eyebrows?

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How to reshape your eyebrows?

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the eyebrows are the frame of the gaze. And the eyebrow pencil is the tool that will allow you to highlight them, and even rejuvenate your whole face. Whether your eyebrows need to be reshaped, filled in or corrected, here are some tips on how to choose the right colour for your pencil and apply it properly.

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Eyebrow pencil: choosing the right shade 

After moisturising your face and applying make-up, it's time to perfect your features. Eyebrow make-up is a key step: reshaping the eyebrows gives the face structure and character. 

After heavy use of tweezers or simply with age, eyebrows tend to thin out. They may also be naturally light or sparse, so it’s necessary to accentuate them. Sometimes, the eyebrows also have scars or depigmented areas that you want to cover up. They can also disappear temporarily, during chemotherapy. 

But how do you choose a pencil to reshape your eyebrows naturally? All you have to do is... observe your hair. If your eyebrows are blonde to light brown, use a blonde eyebrow pencil. If you have brown to dark hair, use a brown eyebrow pencil. These pencils can also be useful for the beard or scalp in case of hair loss, and to restore colour to small depigmented areas from vitiligo, thyroid scarring, etc.

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Some guidelines before reshaping your eyebrows

Before you start the make-up process, you need to find your natural eyebrow line. 

Take your pencil and place it vertically along your nose. This is where your eyebrow begins, at the corner of your nose and the inner corner of your eye. 
Then point your pencil diagonally towards the outer corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow ends. 
Now locate the highest point of your eyebrow: it’s located on the diagonal, in line with your pupil. Taking into account the top of your eyebrow is very important: it prevents you from drawing a flat, round or circumflex eyebrow.

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Reshaping your eyebrows: natural or rejuvenating effect?

Whether blonde or brown, eyebrow pencil is the surest way to achieve a natural result. And a bit of a facelift!

Reshaping your eyebrows: a natural effect 

Start by lightly powdering your brows with Translucent Mosaic Powder or Brightening Mosaic Powder. Then draw small lines strokes the bottom to the top to mimic your eyebrow hairs and fill in any gaps. Powder again, then blend with the spoolie on your eyebrow pencil to achieve a natural result that isn’t too heavy. If you make a mistake, remove the pencil lines with a cotton swab dipped in foundation.

Reshaping your eyebrows: a rejuvenating effect

To give your face a facelift without surgery, simply reshape your eyebrows. Lightly powder them with the Brightening Mosaic Powder, then draw small strokes from the beginning to the arch of your eyebrows. Then, shape their length and contour: by raising them, accentuating them slightly and lengthening them, you will avoid the droopy eye look. When you are happy with your line, re-powder your eyebrows to set the pencil and brush with a spoolie for a more natural look.


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Even when the eyebrow hair becomes thin, due to age or cancer treatment, it’s possible to maintain a beautiful eyebrow shape.

Before your eyebrow hairs thin out, take a close-up photo of them. This will give you an image of their original shape, which will allow you to better redraw them. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, don't hesitate to practice before your eyebrows fall out and remember that their disappearance is temporary.

To make your eyebrow reshaping completely unnoticeable, you can try this method: first fill in your eyebrows with the blonde eyebrow pencil, then set with the translucent mosaic powder. Then draw small dark strokes with the brown eyebrow pencil and powder again. The combination of the two shades of pencil creates contrast and relief to your eyebrows, while the translucent mosaic powder gives them a natural look. The illusion is perfect!

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The right steps to reshape your eyebrows

The right steps to reshape your eyebrows

Once your eyebrows have been reshaped with the pencil and set with the mosaic powder, spray a fine mist of thermal spring water 20 centimetres from your face to prolong the hold of your eyebrow make-up. 
And don't forget the make-up removal step: if your eyebrows are sparse and fragile, avoid rubbing with a cotton pad and, if necessary, opt for a gentle removal directly with your fingertips.

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