How to apply eye pencil and mascara?

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How to apply eye pencil and mascara?

A subtle line or a smoky look? What about mascara, on the upper and lower lashes or just on the upper lashes? Eye make-up with an eye pencil and mascara allows for all kinds of looks, for any occasion. And even if you have sensitive eyes!

Safe eye make-up 

The eye area is one of the most fragile areas of the skin. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and allergic reactions, redness or watery eyes affect a large proportion of women.

Does this mean we should give up the pleasure of applying eye make-up? Of course not. And to avoid a headache when choosing your eye pencil or mascara, simply choose high-tolerance products, which you can find in pharmacies and drugstores. It’s the guarantee that these products, which are applied as close as possible to the eye, will respect this sensitive area... without compromising on beauty!

How to make up the eyes

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During the day, I apply a line of black pencil on the eyelid, in the evening I add a line of kohl, and in any case, always mascara

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Eye pencil applied as eyeliner 

There are many ways to apply eye pencil. Like eyeliner for example, i.e. on the upper eyelid. You can apply it on its own or after applying your eyeshadow.

The retractable lead of your eye pencil allows a precise line. For your eyeliner line, just draw a line by applying the product from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye on the upper lid. 

To simplify this step, start by drawing a line at the outer corner of the eye, on the upper eyelid, then apply it towards the inner corner with a fine eyeliner brush. This way, the line will also be smoother. 

If you want to highlight almond-shaped eyes, apply the pencil to the upper lid and then to the lower outer corner. Blend in at the lash line, up to the pupil.

And to give your eyes a little youthfulness, avoid extending the line beyond the outer corner of the eye. To lift the eyes, it’s best to avoid going beyond the diagonal that forms between the outside of the nose and the outer corner of the eye You can find this angle with your pencil or a brush handle. If you’ve gone beyond this line, remove the excess with a cotton swab dipped in foundation.

How to apply eye make-up when you're in a hurry


Eye pencil: kohl or smoky?

Classic and timeless, kohl and smoky effects are very easy to achieve with an eye pencil.

Eye pencil applied as a kohl

This application technique is ideal if you want to lengthen a slightly round eye or to intensify your look. To apply the eye pencil like a kohl, you shouldn’t sharpen it too much: it’s better to keep the tip rounded. Then apply the pencil on the waterline of the lower eyelid, from the outer to the inner corner. And that's it!

Smoky eyeliner

You don't need an eyeshadow palette to achieve the most glamorous eye make-up look—an eye pencil is all you need! For a light smoky look, draw an eyeliner-like line on the upper eyelid, then blend with a brush up the mobile eyelid for a smoky effect. Then draw a line at the outer corner of the eye, from the lower eyelid, and blend towards the inner corner. For a more intense smoky look, it's the same technique: you just need to be more generous with your eyeliner and apply the kohl pencil to your lower eyelid.


How to apply eye make-up for a party

A touch of mascara to finish it off!

To perfect and emphasize your eyes, there is only one step left: apply mascara to your lashes. Longer, denser, better structured... when highlighted with mascara, your lashes intensify your look. A real weapon of seduction!

But how do you apply it? By curling your lashes from the base to the tip, using the "hollow" side of your mascara brush. To apply more product and intensify the thickness of the lashes, apply the mascara in a zigzag pattern from the root of the lashes and use the curved side of the brush to separate the lashes. Wait a few seconds before applying the second coat, but not too long: the mascara should still be soft and not too dry to better curl the lashes.

And to prevent it from drying out inside the tube, don't pump your mascara wand when picking up more product.
To remove any traces of mascara from dark circles or eyelids, use a cotton swab dipped in foundation. This method is more effective than a wet cotton swab. It's also ideal for a touch up before a party. 


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Lashes too thin? Too short? Too long? Here are some tips on how to apply your mascara.

If your lashes are rather thin, here's how to thicken them: apply mascara to the front and back of your lashes in a series of strokes to prevent the mascara from drying.
If they are stiff, you can use an eyelash curler but before applying mascara (otherwise you may break your lashes).
In case of short lashes (or during a period of regrowth after cancer treatment, for example), use the tip of the brush to deposit the mascara and prevent it from transferring onto the skin. To remove your eye make-up and mascara, apply a gel cleansing lotion by light massaging with your fingertips, then gently remove with a cotton pad or a cloth soaked in thermal spring water.

How to make your make-up last longer

The right way to remove make-up from the eyes gently

The right way to remove make-up from the eyes gently

The make-up removal step is very important in general, and for sensitive eyes in particular. Start by soaking your cotton pad in thermal spring water for extra softness. Then place the make-up remover on the cotton pad. Place it on the eyelid and leave for three seconds. Then smooth from top to bottom and finish from bottom to top. And for extra softness, finish with a spritz of Thermal Spring Water. It will soothe your eyelids and prepare them to receive your eye contour treatment.

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