How to apply eye make-up?

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How to apply eye make-up?

It’s often said that the eyes are the window to the soul. And it's true that they reveal our personality. So how can you make your eyes look better? How to conceal small flaws? How to make up your lashes? And don't forget the eyebrows... Follow our advice... Trust us!

Eyebrow make-up: the frame for your eyes

We sometimes forget about them, but our eyebrows play an important role in the intensity of our look. They act as a kind of frame. They are therefore essential to enhance your eyes. So how do you make them up? A little tip: to rejuvenate your eyes, simply enhance and slightly lengthen the last third of the eyebrows with a dedicated pencil. But there are many other techniques. 

Learn more about eyebrow make-up

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Make up your eyes in one stroke of a pencil

There are several requirements for applying the pencil to the eye area. High tolerance formulation and easy removal, so as not to irritate your eyelids. It should allow several types of make-up looks to be achieved, from light and precise (like an eye liner) to sophisticated and intense for the evening (like a smoky eye). It should also last all day. That's what the Couvrance High Definition Pencil is all about. How to apply it? How do you give the eye a nice almond shape? How to avoid creasing or irritating the eyelid? We’ll tell you everything. 

Applying your eye pencil

When I'm not working, I don't wear complexion make-up, but I never skip mascara. I find it makes me look less tired.

Eye make-up: the indispensable mascara

In terms of make-up, mascara is a must. Curled or lengthened, your lashes are magnified with a brush stroke. This is not always easy, especially if you have sensitive eyes. Contact lens wearers can also be bothered by mascara residue that falls into the eyes. Choosing a mascara with a minimum amount of ingredients (and preferably of natural origin) is really important for fragile and sensitive eyes. To apply, with Couvrance High Tolerance Mascara, curl your lashes by applying the product from the base to the tip, using the hollow side, then finish with the curved side to separate the lashes and get definition with zero clumps. 

How to apply mascara

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Make-up: what to do about drooping eyelids? 

Whether it's due to ageing or your facial features, droopy eyelids can make your eyes look sad. You look tired or even older. Fortunately, there are some make-up techniques that can help you without having to go thecosmetic surgery route. As is often the case, it's all about the interplay of light and shadow to enhance your eyelids. What colours should you choose? Which powder to use? Discover all our tips to open up your eyes. 

Make-up for drooping eyelids


For eye make-up that lasts all day, apply an eye cream every morning. It is an excellent base for improving the hold of make-up. These products should be applied to clean, carefully cleansed eyelids. By hydrating the eye area, these creams smooth the eyes and make make-up application easier. Another tip: spray a fine mist of Thermal Spring Water Spray about 20 cm from your face and let it dry naturally to prolong the hold of your eye make-up.


Eye make-up we’re here to help you sort fact from fiction

There is nothing to stop you. But it’s better to avoid it. Especially if you have sensitive eyes. Waterproof mascara sometimes does its job too well. As a result, you will often have to be forceful and rub when removing your make-up.

This is false. As the brush moves in and out, air enters the tube and dries out the mascara; and a drying mascara can clump.

This is false. If your eyebrows are sparse, a pencil may be the ideal solution. Specific products are available today, allowing a very natural result to be obtained.

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