How do you choose the right foundation?

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How do you choose the right foundation?

Choosing a foundation is not an easy task. Texture, colour, application... We tell you which foundation to choose according to your skin type and colour, and how to apply it for an even complexion and perfect make-up!

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Which foundation texture
to choose?

When choosing your foundation, you have two options: the Fluid Foundation Corrector or the Compact Foundation Cream.

The Fluid Foundation Corrector is suitable if you want to even out your complexion, reduce redness, "blur" dilated pores, cover light acne spots or medium dark circles. In short, the Fluid Foundation Corrector is for you if you have light to moderate imperfections. It also ensures a perfectly even result.

The Compact Foundation Cream is best used if your complexion requires more coverage in order to hide severe redness or acne, scars, dark circles, pigment spots, etc., while providing a natural finish. It’s also ideal for camouflaging imperfections on the body.

Whether liquid or compact, foundation should be applied to moisturised skin.


I adapt the texture of my foundation according to my desires. I prefer a liquid foundation during the day and a compact for the evening

How to choose the right foundation colour?

Pinkish beige or golden yellow? To avoid making a mistake when choosing the colour of your foundation, all you have to do is look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Their colour allows you to know the "undertone" of your skin and to choose the appropriate colour.

If your veins are blue or purple, your undertone is cool (your face includes shades of pink, red and blue). You should therefore opt for foundations with a hint of pink. This is also the case if you wish to correct a grey or muddy complexion. 

If your veins are green or olive coloured, your undertone is warm (your face has yellow, golden or copper tones). Foundations with a hint of yellow are best suited to your skin tone. They are also preferable if you wish to mask hyperpigmentation.

If your veins are both blue and green, you have a neutral undertone (several shades blended together on your face). For you, anything goes! 

Finally, to make sure you have chosen the right colour, you can test the shade on the jawline and on the top of the thumb, where the back and palm of the hand meet.

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How to apply foundation properly?

Now that you've chosen your foundation, here's how to apply it properly.

Applying the Fluid Foundation Corrector 

For an even application of your liquid foundation, start by dispensing it on your fingertips before dabbing it on your face. If you want to blur large pores, apply it by dabbing with a sponge. If, on the other hand, you want to get the most pigment out of it, a brush may be a good solution. To even out your skin tone, start from the centre of your face and work outwards, not forgetting your neck. Don’t hesitate to blend the foundation out on the edges of the face and down the neck. If further correction is needed, choose a beige concealer brush and apply it directly to the imperfection. 

Applying the Compact Foundation Cream

Before evening out your complexion, you may need to hide imperfections: highly inflammatory acne, scars, dark circles, etc. In this case, you need to neutralise the imperfection with a corrector stick before applying your foundation cream. A green corrector stick will hide a red blemish, a yellow corrector stick will hide a blue-violet blemish and a coral corrector stick will hide a brown 
blemish. Once you’ve corrected your complexion, take a sponge and apply your foundation cream from the centre of your face outwards (not forgetting your neck). 
For full coverage or after applying a corrector stick, pat on the foundation cream. For a sheerer finish, smooth it on. If you don't have any imperfections to hide and just want to even out your skin tone for a very long-lasting make-up look, apply the foundation cream directly.

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Foundation is not only essential to even out the complexion, but also to quickly touch up small mistakes!

If you happen to sneeze right after applying your mascara, good news: a little bit of foundation can save you from having to start all over again! Simply place a dab of foundation on a sponge or cotton swab and apply it like an eraser to remove any mascara that has settled on your eyelids or under your eyes. You can use the same method just before a party, for example, to remove traces of make-up under the eyes and around the mouth before touching up your make-up. 

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The right steps for your complexion

The right steps for your complexion

Your complexion is now even. To set it, don't forget to apply a veil of mosaic powder all over your face with a large brush. A fine mist of thermal spring water over your face will prolong the wear of your make-up.

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