How do you choose the right face powder?

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How do you choose the right face powder?

Powder is the finishing touch to your complexion make-up. To set your make-up, mattify or illuminate your face, for a healthy glow or a holiday look, several options are available to you. Follow the guide!

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Set your face make-up with a foundation powder

After moisturising your face with a suitable product, you applied your liquid or compact foundation. You may have also corrected one or two imperfections, using a beige concealer brush or a corrector stick. 

Your complexion is now made up. Well, almost: all that's missing is the little touch that will pull everything together. But as with moisturiser and foundation, choosing a foundation powder is not something you can improvise. 

Step-by-step make-up for the complexion

I can't stand having shiny skin, so I have two mattifying powders: one in my bathroom and one in my handbag

Which foundation powder to choose for the whole face?

There’s a powder for every need! If your skin is oily, for
example, you need a translucent mosaic powder. It’s perfect for mattifying your skin. And whatever your skin type, it’s ideal for setting make-up, with a nude and matte effect.
The brightening mosaic powder is for you if you want to set your make-up while illuminating your complexion. It will also help to "blur" small imperfections, such as enlarged pores, dehydration lines or wrinkles. 

Finally, opt for the Healthy Glow Mosaic Powder to refresh and revive the radiance of your complexion. If you want a sun-kissed finish, choose the Sun Mosaic Powder to warm up your skin tone.
To apply your foundation powder all over the face, pick it up with a large brush and blend everything together. Next, sweep the brush over your entire face (not forgetting your neck), from the centre to the edges. A little tip for pimples: sweep the brush in the opposite direction (from the edges to the centre of the face) to avoid accentuating their texture.

How to apply make-up for a healthy glow


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Which foundation powder to choose for a targeted application?

Essential for setting make-up, foundation powder is also very useful if you want to sculpt your face and play up its curves.

Volume and light 

The translucent mosaic powder will help you, for example, to give more volume to the hollow areas of your face. Dark circles or the hollows of the cheeks, for example: applied with a brush in this area, the powder will catch the light and give a rounded effect.

And to bring a luminous effect to the naturally bulging areas of your face, choose the brightening mosaic powder. Apply it to the centre of the forehead, the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the centre of the chin. Called "strobing," this technique brightens up your face in an instant.

Freshness and radiance

If your complexion is dull and grey or if your skin lacks radiance, choose the healthy glow mosaic powder in beige and pink shades.

Start by picking up the beige side of the powder with a brush and apply it from the centre of the face towards the edges. Then pick up the pink side and apply it to the cheekbones, like a blush. Finally, blend the shades and lightly brush over to the top of the forehead, the jawline and the neck. Your skin now has just the right amount of glow!


How to apply contouring make-up


The Sun Mosaic Powder is suitable for all skin types, but its application differs depending on your skin tone.

If you have mixed-race or black skin, this is the powder you need to set your make-up. Apply it with a large brush all over your face, from the centre to the edges (or vice versa if you want to avoid accentuating any skin texture), not forgetting the neck.

If you have fairer skin and just want to give it a tanned look, take the Sun Mosaic Powder and use your brush in the shape of 3 on your face, starting at the forehead and working down to the temples, upper cheekbones and along the jawline. Finish along the jawline. A tip to make applying the Sun Mosaic Powder to a fair complexion easier: start by mattifying the complexion with a veil of the Translucent Mosaic Powder or the Brightening Mosaic Powder over the whole face. Combined with the Translucent Mosaic Powder, it’s also ideal for light contouring.

How to apply make-up in the summer

The right gestures to make your make-up last

The right gestures to make your make-up last

Your complexion is now made up. A final little gesture will help it last longer: a fine mist of thermal spring water, about 20 centimetres from your face. As the water evaporates, it dries the make-up and prolongs its hold.

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