Reducing wrinkles with make-up

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Reducing wrinkles with make-up

As we age, wrinkles and fine lines become difficult to escape. Whether they’re small or large, there are simple make-up techniques to reduce their appearance. Follow the guide!

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How do wrinkles form?

The first wrinkles usually begin to appear at the corner of the eyes in the thirties and gradually settle over the years on the whole face. Their formation is linked to both internal factors (normal ageing of cells, hormonal changes, etc.) and external factors (sun, tobacco, pollution, etc.).

When wrinkles are present, the complexion is often duller and less even. The aim is to even out the complexion and lighten wrinkles and shadows on the face. Eye and lip make-up will also contribute to the rejuvenation of the facial features.

Make-up after the age of 50

Since I've been using a bit of liquid foundation, my complexion is brighter and I feel younger.

Even out the complexion, lighten wrinkles and shadows

"Blurring" wrinkles to rejuvenate your face takes several steps. 
The first step is to even out the skin tone. After moisturising your skin, a liquid foundation will help you achieve an even skin tone. For a rejuvenating effect, choose a shade lighter than your natural skin tone: darker shades harden the features and accentuate the shadows caused by wrinkles. Dispense a dime-sized amount on your fingertips, then smooth from the centre to the edges (not forgetting the neck).

Now you can reduce your expression lines and facial shadows with this simple technique: brighten them to create a sense of volume! For this, choose the beige concealer brush. Apply a thin layer to the centre of your forehead, under the eyes, the crow's feet, frown lines, nasolabial folds, corner of the nose, marionette lines and the hollow of the chin. Tap with your fingertip to blend the concealer.

The right foundation to hide wrinkles


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Enhance and sculpt the complexion

Wrinkles are reduced and your complexion is evened out. All that's left is to set your make-up, while giving your face a glow. The brightening mosaic powder will help you: with a large brush, take the powder by mixing the shades and apply it to the whole face. 
For a youthful effect, apply a touch more powder to the high points of the face (middle of the forehead, top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, above the lips and centre of the chin) with a smaller brush.
For a lifted effect, use the healthy glow or sun mosaic powder by applying it to the top of the cheekbones and moving up towards the temples. 

How to choose your powder

Enhance the eyes and lips without accentuating wrinkles

There are several tricks to enhance the eyes and lips without accentuating wrinkles and fine lines.

Make-up for eyelids , eyelashes and eyebrows

For your eyelids, for example, avoid overly coloured or pearlescent shadows, which accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Simply apply a discreet touch of white shadow under the brow bone and on the eyelid, just above the pupil, to make the eyes bright. You can also draw a thin line of pencil along the upper lash line and add mascara to open up the eyes.

And the last trick to rejuvenate your face is to reshape the eyebrows. How? By lengthening the tail of the eyebrows, starting from their highest point and following the diagonal line from the outside of the nose to the pupil. Rejuvenating effect guaranteed, without the risk of emphasizing the wrinkles and fine lines of the corner of the eye. 

Reshape your eyebrows

Make-up for the  lips  

When applying make-up to the lips, several precautions are necessary. First, accentuate the edge of the lips by applying the beige concealer brush around the mouth. As for colour, opt for a slightly shiny lipstick such as the Beautifying Lip Balm: matte lipsticks harden (and age) the features. 
A little tip to prevent lipstick from running into fine lines: lightly powder the lip contour with the brightening mosaic powder before applying the beautifying balm.



Moisturising your skin is a good way to fight wrinkles. Applying a serum is even better!

To satisfy your skin's need for hydration, don't hesitate to add an extra step to your make-up routine. Invest in a serum to apply before your day cream in order to boost the effectiveness of the cream. The serum increases the luminosity of the complexion, has a plumping effect and prevents make-up from seeping into fine lines and wrinkles. You won't regret it!

Make-up for dehydrated skin

The best practices to minimise wrinkles

The best practices to minimise wrinkles

To finish off your make-up and prolong its hold, spray some thermal spring water about 20 cm from your face. And don't forget that removing make-up is the first step in keeping your skin young.

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