How to hide bruises?

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How to hide bruises?

They are also called bruises. Bruising occurs after a shock when a bit of blood escapes from the blood vessels and remains in the thickness of the skin. A purplish-blue spot appears, which may turn yellow or greenish. Although harmless, bruises can quickly become unsightly, especially when they affect the face. Here are our make-up tips to reduce them naturally.

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Not all bruises are equal

Life is not always good. Some people have skin that marks more than others. This is the case for children, who have thinner skin. The same goes for the elderly. Finally, women are not spared. Hormonal fluctuations make the skin thinner, which makes them more prone to bruising. Bruises are then more visible. So how do you camouflage them? 

For bruises, use yellow

To hide your bruises, you’ll have to adapt your make-up. Did you know that the colour yellow has the ability to neutralise blue-violet hues? Before you even think about foundation, take a yellow corrector stick and pat it on with your fingertips from the centre of the bruise outwards until you get a grey tint. This is the first step in making your bruises an old memory. 

Tip: if the bruises are small or painful, apply the yellow corrector stick after foundation, using a brush. 

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Prep your skin

From hyaluronic acid or botox injections to surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, bruising can occur. While it’s important to prepare your skin before applying make-up, it is even more important if you want to conceal those few small flaws.

Moisturise your skin

The reason is simple: by moisturising your skin sufficiently, you will allow the make-up to spread better and therefore apply more easily. This way, you won't irritate your skin any further and the make-up will blend in better with the skin. For your sensitive skin, turn to products marked "high tolerance, fragrance and preservative free".

Protect yourself from the sun 

The sun is not always your skin's friend. If you have bruises on your face, UV exposure can sometimes accentuate the blue tint and turn it into a brown spot. So protect your skin, either with a sunscreen fluid or a day cream with sun protection. 


After my hyaluronic acid injections, I often use the yellow stick, which saves me from embarrassing questions


Although bruises are often referred to as "blue", their colour changes over time. They may turn green or yellow before disappearing completely. Remember to adjust the colour of your correction accordingly. When the bruise begins to yellow, pat on a little compact foundation cream. 

The right gestures to even out your skin tone

The right gestures to even out your skin tone

Even out your complexion with the Compact Foundation Cream. It effectively covers severe skin imperfections. Use the sponge to pick up some product, then dab it onto the colour-corrected area so that it doesn't budge. For a natural look, blend from the centre of the face outwards, not forgetting the neck. 

Finish by applying Translucent Mosaic Powder with a large brush to set and mattify the make-up. Then spray with Avène Thermal Spring Water to prolong the life of your make-up. 

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