How to hide a tattoo with make-up?

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How to hide a tattoo with make-up?

To camouflage a tattoo, wherever it’s located, it’s advisable to correct its colour with other colours, using suitable corrector sticks. This should be done even before applying a pigment-rich foundation and a powder to set the corrector. Essential steps for a perfect result.

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Moisturise before concealing

Moisturising the skin is always a prerequisite for applying make-up. This is even more important if you want to cover up a tattoo. Because if the skin is dry, make-up can accentuate the dry patches or flakes, often present on the arms and legs. To nourish your skin before covering your tattoo, choose an emollient that is highly moisturising but does not leave a greasy finish. Otherwise, it may limit the durability of your tattoo cover. 

  • If your skin is moderately dry, opt for a lotion;
  • If your skin is very dry, you can use a nourishing balm.

Apply generously, massaging well with your fingertips before starting your make-up.

Corrector sticks to neutralise the colour of the tattoo

Camouflaging a tattoo is not an easy task. Especially if it’s made up of several colours. To avoid having to apply too much foundation, the corrector sticks make it possible to discreetly neutralise each shade beforehand. Before applying your foundation, use the coral stick on blue or dark tattoos, the green stick on red ones and the yellow stick on purple ones. To do this, take a small amount of product with your fingertip and pat it onto the area to be covered. The result is immediate: the bright colours of the tattoo become light grey. An effective technique to neutralise the intensity of the tattoo.

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Even out with a foundation

After neutralising the colours of the tattoo, you need to even out the colour of the skin in the area concerned. For this, the application of a compact foundation is the most suitable solution.

Which foundation?

To ensure that the tattooed area of the skin is both discreetly and effectively evened out, choose a foundation that is very rich in pigments. These will be transfer-, perspiration- and water resistant. A matte, non-greasy texture will be less visible and will ensure that the correction will last throughout the day. The matte-finish compact foundation cream will do just fine. 

How to apply it?

Using the sponge in the case or your fingertip, apply the compact foundation cream by dabbing it onto the area to be covered. This method will avoid moving around the corrector stick applied to the tattoo. Tip: If you want to apply more product, use your fingers instead.


Choosing the right foundation

I hide my tattoo at the office because I’m afraid it will be perceived in a bad light


How to set my make-up

Crossed and uncrossed legs, arms placed on the edge of a table, sleeves rolled up... Tattoos are often located on areas that are subject to a lot of friction during the day. That's why it's imperative to perfectly set the make-up on these parts of your body to prevent it from fading. Once you’ve applied your foundation, apply a generous layer of translucent mosaic powder with a wide brush. Finally, spray a thin layer of Avène thermal spring water 20 cm from the now invisible tattoo. As the water evaporates, it dries the make-up and prolongs its hold.

Choosing the setting powder 

A powerful make-up remover to remove pigments

A powerful make-up remover to remove pigments

Tattoo make-up needs to be removed at the end of the day. Opt for a product with a creamy texture that can easily remove high coverage pigments. Use your fingertips to massage a small amount of lotion into the area. Then gently remove it with a soft cotton pad without rubbing. Spray Avène Thermal Spring Water.

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