How to conceal redness with make-up?

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How to conceal redness with make-up?

Choosing your make-up products carefully and knowing the right application techniques: these are the two essential ingredients to hide the little blemishes on your face and to feel good in your skin every day while respecting the sensitivity of your skin.

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Which colours should you use to reduce redness?

Green is your ally in camouflaging redness. Use the Green Corrector Stick: very rich in pigment, this product provides optimal coverage without having to apply a lot of product. Pick up a small amount of product from the stick using your fingertips, then apply it without rubbing, dabbing evenly on the redness. In order not to highlight small red spots, avoid foundations that are too pink and opt for products that are beige or slightly golden in colour. Don't hesitate to opt for an anti-redness foundation one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of a healthy glow!

“Some products specially made not to be too greasy and not to clog the pores help moisturise the skin but also mask the redness”

Hydration, the first key step!

The first thing to do before applying make-up is to moisturise your skin to ensure that the make-up stays on. If you have blotchy red skin, choose a product with sun protection (Antirougeurs DAY Soothing Cream and Soothing Emulsion SPF 30). If your skin is reactive or intolerant, opt for the "Tolérance Control Cream" or "Balm". Finally, if you have combination or oily skin, don't use moisturisers that are too rich, in order to prevent sebum build-up on the T-zone, which is the enemy of good make-up hold. Your application must be delicate to respect the sensitivity of your skin. Gestures that are too vigorous will expose your skin to microaggressions. Moisturiser will help your make-up to spread smoothly and evenly, perfect against redness. 

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To combat redness, "high tolerance" is on the programme!

If your skin is prone to redness, it’s important to choose the right make-up products. This protects you from irritation or intolerance reactions, which can cause burning and stinging. Avoid waterproof make-up which tends to dry out the skin. They are stubborn and difficult to remove, and you risk damaging your skin by rubbing it regularly. Opt for "high tolerance" products, designed specifically for sensitive and very sensitive skin. 

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Your anti-redness make-up: choose the right texture!

The choice of your make-up texture depends on your skin's fragility and the desired coverage.

If your redness is mild to moderate,

choose fluid foundation textures that are easy to spread. You will even out your skin tone with a natural and sheer finish. Choose these same products if your skin has mild acne, enlarged pores, flaking, or a rough appearance. 

In the case of intense skin redness, 

compact textures are your best friends for optimal coverage. They are concentrated in pigments: a small amount will suffice for a perfect and natural result! Finally, skip powder textures if your skin dehydrates quickly.


Choosing the right foundation (texture, shade, application)


Applying foundation is an art!
The techniques for applying foundation to sensitive skin depend on the desired result.

After applying the Green Corrector Stick, even out the complexion with foundation. So as not to displace the corrector, apply it locally by patting with a sponge, then smoothing towards the edges of the face. Avoid rubbing too much during application to limit the redness from reappearing.

Tips for perfect anti-redness make-up!

Tips for perfect anti-redness make-up!

  • Translucent Mosaic Powder for long-lasting make-up hold. Apply this powder all over the face with a brush.
  • Sun Mosaic Powder to sculpt the face. Apply with a brush to the cheekbones, avoiding areas of redness.
  • Use Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray at the end to boost your make-up’s hold.
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