Hiding pimples with make-up

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Hiding pimples with make-up

In adolescence as well as in adulthood, pimples can appear on our face. Whether it's mild or severe acne, it can be masked with simple and appropriate make-up techniques.

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Pimples: why and how? 

Acne can have several origins: hormonal in adolescence and in adult women, but also environmental. For example, because of stress, a diet too rich in sugar, pollution or unsuitable cosmetics.

These pimples form on rather oily skin in adolescence. The skin usually becomes combination in adulthood, with both dry and oily areas (the T-zone, which runs from the forehead to the chin via the wings of the nose). It can also remain completely oily, or completely dry.

The challenge is therefore not only to camouflage pimples with make-up, but also to mattify and even out the complexion.

Make-up is my best ally to hide the pimples that appear too regularly on my chin. I always have a beige concealer brush in my make-up bag

Camouflaging mild pimples

After moisturising your skin with a suitable skincare product, you should first even out your skin tone.

The fluid foundation corrector is ideal for this. For light coverage, apply it all over your face, dabbing it on with a sponge to "blur" wide pores, then smooth it in towards the edges of your face.
Then use a beige concealer brush and apply it locally to your pimples. Blend the edges of the concealer with a cotton swab, which is more effective than the fingertip in order to not remove the concealer.

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Concealing severe pimples 

First, moisturise your skin with the right product.
Then start by evening out your skin tone with the matte finish Compact Foundation Cream.
Then use different colours to neutralise the colours of your still visible pimples. For example, the green corrector stick will hide a red and inflamed pimple; the yellow corrector stick is perfect for hiding pimples on fair skin; the coral corrector stick will help reduce the brown colour of acne scars. 

For a very natural result, apply the concealer with a fine brush and tap on the imperfection until you obtain a grey colour. If necessary, you can also apply a touch of Compact Foundation Cream by dabbing it locally with a sponge; it will cover the correction perfectly without moving it.

Concealing pimples:

mattify and enhance the complexion

Mattifying the complexion

Your complexion is now even. The next step is to set the make-up while limiting the shine on your skin.
Whether your skin is oily or combination, the translucent mosaic powder will set your make-up and help you mattify the areas of the face that need mattifying. Use a large brush to apply the powder to the face and finish by brushing it "backwards" from the outside to the inside of the face. This way, the texture of the pimples will not be accentuated. 

Enhance the complexion

If you want to add a touch of colour to enhance your complexion, then apply Healthy Glow or Sun Mosaic Powder in the shape of a 3 to the edges of your face. You can even apply it to your eyelids to brighten your eyes.


Using the right powder for a flawless complexion


Even though it’s very tempting, popping your pimples is not recommended.

To get rid of unwanted pimples faster, you may sometimes choose to go the forceful way and pop them. This is a very bad idea: every time you pop a pimple, you run the risk of aggravating the inflammation and causing scars that are then very difficult to remove. 

Thus, make-up is an great option if the urge is too strong: the more you’ve taken care in applying your make-up, the less you will want to pop your pimples!

The right gestures to camouflage spots

The right gestures to camouflage spots

To make your make-up last, all that's left is the final touch: a fine spray of thermal spring water, about twenty centimetres from your face. As the water evaporates, it dries the make-up and prolongs its hold.

And at the end of the day, don't forget to remove your make-up: the fight against pimples begins with impeccable hygiene. This also applies to your sponges and brushes: not cleaning them regularly contributes to your acne.

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