Correcting small flaws with make-up

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Correcting small flaws with make-up

A small pimple, dark circles, a few red spots... It’s not uncommon for our face to have small flaws. In real life, these marks cannot be erased with the beauty filters of social networks. However, they can easily be forgotten with make-up. How can you camouflage them? There’s a solution for every situation. We’ll tell you everything.

What make-up to use against dark circles?

The area under our eyes is particularly thin and fragile. Fatigue, advancing age or the consumption of alcohol or tobacco can lead to the appearance of coloured or hollowed-out dark circles. Those dark circles will darken your eyes. To restore the brightness of your eyes, it is important to moisturise the eye area. Then adopt the right gestures to correct and energise the eyes. So here are all our make-up tips to say goodbye to those under-eye bags. 

Reduce dark circles

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Make-up: say no to redness

Redness on the face can have multiple causes. Appearing most often on very thin skin, they can be the result of a character trait (shyness, anger, etc.), environmental factors (sun, etc.) or certain situations (menopause, rosacea, etc.). This facial erythema is due to a dilation of the blood vessels of the skin and can be localised (on the cheeks for example) or spread to the whole face. To conceal this redness, make-up can work wonders. Two or three simple gestures will quickly convince you.

How to hide redness

Public peaking is a real challenge for me. I get very red and it seems to me that the audience only see that. The green stick applied before my foundation changed the way I give speeches.

Conceal dark spots

Sun, pregnancy, hormones, advancing age... All these factors encourage the appearance of brown spots. "Age spots" or "melasma": these pigment marks can be concealed without the need for a peel. Follow our advice. 

How to hide brown spots

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Conceal pimples and scars

Among the small skin flaws people suffer from, two are particularly stigmatising: acne and scars. Here again, there are make-up solutions available to you.


It's easy to understand: pimples can alter your quality of life. Whether your acne is mild or severe, whether the marks are red or brown, something can be done. How to even out your complexion? How to neutralise imperfections? In short, how to make your pimples an old memory? We’re here to explain everything to you. 

Forget your pimples


A burn, a recent surgery... All these reasons can leave scars. How can they be made more discreet? Choosing the right moisturising base will help your make-up stay put. The right colour correction will allow you to camouflage these imperfections. Follow our advice.

Conceal your scars


Hiding bruises

Injections of hyaluronic acid or botox, cosmetic surgery on the nose (rhinoplasty) or eyelids (blepharoplasty)... All these surgical procedures can leave bruises on the face. In short, bruises that can remind you of a black eye. Rest assured, these blue/purple manifestations are easy to disguise. One of our tips: use a yellow shade to camouflage them. There are other little tricks to help you perfect your complexion.

How to hide bruises

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Make a tattoo disappear: it’s possible!

A tattoo is very personal. But in certain circumstances (job interviews, etc.), we would like to make it more discreet. There’s no need to pack on make-up to make it disappear. Start by neutralising the colour of your tattoo with the appropriate shade. A coral corrector stick for bluish or black tattoos. A green corrector stick for tattoos with red undertones. But this is only the starting point. Follow our step-by-step advice.

How to hide a tattoo

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How to reduce wrinkles

As we age, many people fear wrinkles. The first step to prevent them is to take care of your skin, especially by protecting yourself from the sun. And if wrinkles and fine lines are already there, adopt the right gestures. Regular moisturising and anti-ageing night care are essential. In terms of make-up, a few tips can help you correct and even out your complexion, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, enhance your face and perfect your features. In short, to rediscover a new youth.

Anti-ageing make-up


Make-up: We’re here to help you sort fact from fiction

This is both true and false. It can happen. Some products clog the pores of the skin. But that doesn't always happen. To prevent the appearance of pimples, choose the right products marked “non-comedogenic” and “high tolerance”.

This is false. It’s actually essential. At night, your skin needs to be rid of the make-up and impurities that have accumulated during the day. Don't skip make-up removal box, as removing impurities allows for better cell regeneration over night. When you wake up, your complexion will be brighter. Not to mention that not removing make-up accelerates skin ageing. So, every night, cleanse and moisturise your skin.

This is false. In fact, the opposite is true. Too much make-up can age you and freeze your features. It’s also easier to work with make-up when it’s applied in small touches.

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