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Lip make-up

Can I apply make-up to my lips even if they’re cracked? Is it possible to improve the wear of my lipstick? How can I apply make-up to my lips without accentuating the signs of ageing? We’ve all asked ourselves these questions at one time or another. To apply the last touch of your make-up like a pro, follow our guide!

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Beautifying lip balm for a lightweight choice

You're torn between a classic red and a trendy beautifying balm. First tip: if your skin is sensitive and prone to discomfort, dryness and tightness, choose the second option. Indeed, a classic lipstick may not be suited to the needs of sensitive and irritated lips.

In contrast, the beautifying lip balm combines several advantages: it combines the colour of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss, the comfort of a balm and a formulation ideal for sensitive and irritated lips. Who says you can't combine seduction with a high-tolerance formulation?

How to create a nude make-up look

The beautifying balm adapts to all my desires: when I just want to moisturise and lightly colour my lips, I put on one layer and when I want to be more sophisticated, I put on two layers

Beautifying lip balm: which colour to choose?

A quick reminder to start: if you've chosen to accentuate your eyes with make-up, go light on the lips. On the other hand, if your eye make-up is subtle, the lips will be more highlighted. Whatever your choice, there are several options available to you!
For example, the Soft Nude shade is best if you’ve chosen an intense eye make-up look. But also if you simply want to highlight your lips naturally. 

Velvet Pink intensifies the colour of your lips without changing the shade when applied in a thin layer. Its soft shade goes perfectly with cool coloured clothes (pink, blue, green, purple...).
Bolder, the Bright Red shade immediately brightens the complexion. It’s ideal with warm-coloured clothes (red, poppy, coral, orange...).

How to create an evening make-up look


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Applying the Beautifying Lip Balm

You’ve chosen the shade of your beautifying lip balm. Here's how to apply it.

Applying the Beautifying Lip Balm

Start by applying the beautifying balm to centre of the upper lip, then move down towards the corners and back up. Finish with the lower lip. For a very light result, apply a single coat. For a more intense result, you can layer several coats.

Improving the hold of the beautifying lip balm

Apply the first layer of beautifying balm, then blot your lips on a tissue. Then apply a second layer of beautifying lip balm. This technique allows the pigments of the first layer to be set and the colour to remain, even if the lipstick wears off a bit during the day. 


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Lip make-up: tips from the pros

Depending on your desires or needs, you can adopt certain techniques to enhance your lips.

To give volume to your thin lips or to redefine the contour of your lips that tends to fade with age, you can use the beige concealer brush, for example. Start by accentuating the edge of the lips by applying the beige concealer brush around the mouth. Then apply your beautifying lip balm. If it tends to bleed into fine lines, powder your lip line with the Brightening Mosaic Powder to keep the beautifying balm right on your lips.

For a natural, glossy pout, choose the Soft Nude lip perfector. To achieve the bitten lip effect, pick up the colour with your finger and tap it directly onto the mouth, without trying to make a clean line. A natural effect guaranteed! For a more intense bitten lip effect, choose the velvet pink shade and apply it to the centre of the lips with your index finger. You can also apply the beautifying balm in small vertical strokes instead of spreading it horizontally.

How to achieve a healthy glow



With their thin and fragile skin, the lips need to be pampered. Here's how to gently exfoliate and repair them!

For your lip colour to last, your lips must be moisturised and free of dead skin.
To exfoliate without damaging them, apply Cold Cream Intense Nourishing Lip Balm, then add a little bit of granulated sugar to your lips. Gently massage and remove the excess with a cloth soaked in thermal spring water. Then reapply a layer of Intense Nourishing Lip Balm.
If your lips are dry, the Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm is a must. You can easily apply it every day, on bare lips or under any other lipstick, especially matte ones that tend to dry out the lips. If your lips are chapped, opt for the soft texture of Cicalfate repairing lip balm and then apply the beautifying lip balm.

How to apply make-up to atopic skin 

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The right way to apply make-up to the lips

Do you know how to extend the wear of your lip colour in one easy step? It's very simple: apply a first layer of Beautifying Lip Balm, blot your lips on a tissue, apply a veil of brightening mosaic powder on your lips and finish by applying a second layer of Beautifying Lip Balm.

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