All our make-up tips, step by step

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All our make-up tips, step by step

When applying make-up, should you start with the complexion or the eyes? Does lip make-up at the beginning or at the end? Make-up removal: optional or a must? These are questions we have all asked ourselves. Here is the step-by-step make-up routine to adopt.


Step 1: cleanse your skin

A good facial care routine starts with daily cleansing. In order not to damage your skin and to start your day off well, choose a gentle cleanser (such as a micellar water). Then, for a toning and tightening effect, spray with Avène Thermal Spring Water. Its soothing and anti-irritating properties will gently soften your skin. 

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Step 2: moisturise your skin

This step is essential. Well-moisturised skin is the foundation that will protect your skin and even allow it to receive your make-up. Daily hydration has many benefits: 

  • A moisturiser, thanks to its gel-like texture, will awaken the complexion.
  • Moisturising helps to combat minor discomforts such as redness, dehydration marks or dullness.
  • Make-up sits better on well-moisturised skin. This way, your foundation will hold perfectly. 

This applies to the skin, but also to the eye area and even the lips. 

The base of my make-up routine is the application of my moisturiser. For me, this is the secret to good quality, long-lasting make-up!

Step 3: Correcting small flaws

To correct redness, dark circles and other imperfections, there are two schools of thought: either apply concealer before foundation, or apply it after. The advantage of using a correcting product first is that you can then have a lighter hand with your complexion make-up and thus guarantee the most natural result possible. How to apply your concealer? Which shade to choose according to your imperfections? We’re here to explain everything to you. 

Correcting small imperfections

Step 4: even out your skin tone

Next step: make up your complexion. This will help you achieve a healthy glow. You still need to choose the right foundation. Depending on your skin tone, it should be neither too light nor too dark. And do not neglect the texture of the product. Which one will suit you best: cream, fluid or compact? And how to apply your product to make it as natural as possible: by hand, with a brush, or with a sponge? Follow our advice.

Make-up for the complexion

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Step 5: enhance your eyes

Contrary to what one might imagine, eye make-up is not limited to the application of mascara. They are often forgotten, but your eyebrows are crucial to enhance your look. Your eyelids also deserve your full attention. How to shape your eyebrows? How to enhance drooping eyelids? How to intensify your eyes with mascara? Here are our answers.

Eye make-up


Always finish your complexion by applying a powder with a brush. This is the final touch that will set your make-up and enhance the whole look. But which powder to choose? If your skin is oily, choose the translucent mosaic powder, which will mattify your skin. The brightening mosaic powder is ideal for illuminating your complexion. 

Everything there is to know about face powders

Final touch: lip make-up

Lips are the glamorous part of any make-up look. Why are they the last step of your make-up routine? This allows you to adapt the shade to the intensity of your make-up. And even what you wear. How to proceed? Should I start with a lip balm? How to give volume to lips that are too thin? Can I wear make-up if they’re cracked? Here are all the answers to these questions... and many more. 

Lip make-up

Make-up removal: the essential step

"I’ll remove my make-up tomorrow!" Let's face it, we've all procrastinated at least once when it comes to removing make-up. However, it’s important not to neglect this step. This must become a habit. By removing your make-up every night, you will eliminate the impurities accumulated during the day and limit the clogging of your pores. This will allow your skin to breathe and retain its youthfulness for longer.

How to remove make-up

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Make-up step-by-step: we’re here to help you sort fact from fiction

This is false. You just have to be careful about the products you choose. Some are specially designed for sensitive skin. Couvrance products are high tolerance and formulated for sensitive skin.

This is false. In fact, the opposite is true. Here's a little tip to help your make-up last longer. Once your make-up is finished, spray Avène Thermal Spring Water about 20 cm from your face. As it evaporates, it will set and prolong the hold of your make-up.

Our solutions to make up your complexion


Thermal Spring Water Spray

I use it morning and night to prepare my skin for day and night care. The thermal spring water gives me a feeling of freshness and well-being.
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