Teenage skin at 30

Acne as an adult

As a teenager, we are likely to struggle with spots at some time or another, many of us facing acne head on. We expect to grow out of it soon, hoping to enjoy smooth, clear skin in our twenties. Yet for an increasing number of women, this doesn’t happen. For some, the acne stays through their teens, into their twenties and sometimes beyond. For many more however, acne comes on unexpected and unwelcome in their adult life, perhaps after having children or going on hormonal birth control, or even at a seemingly random time. This form of acne is usually accompanied by less oily skin than teenage acne, with some women finding that they have both acne and wrinkles.

With the pressure we put on ourselves nowadays to be beautiful, healthy and successful, a skin condition like acne can have awful repercussions on our self-esteem. How can I hold my own in a board room with a face full of spots? What do the other parents at the school gate think? From delivering babies to flying a plane, teaching a room full of students to being a model, there’s no room for acne in our lives.

Acne as a man

Acne doesn’t care about gender, and many men are now finding themselves stuck with adult acne too. Whilst it is less likely to occur in men than women, it does happen. The important thing for a man to realise is that caring for his skin is nothing to be ashamed of – in fact it will probably make him happier and more comfortable. Don’t leave it, and don’t try to attack your spots with harsh products like a teenage boy – be a man about it!

Acne and other people

When you have acne, it’s natural to worry about the way others will see you, after all, 30% of women feel like adult acne is the first thing people notice about them.* However, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and your problem is far from unusual. In the video below, several people discuss the way adult acne has affected them, and what they’ve done to overcome their worries:

Of course, when it comes to self-esteem, not worrying is easier said than done. The feeling that nothing you can do about your skin can be very limiting. This is where a good routine for blemish-prone skin comes in. In adults, there is usually less oil on the skin because it becomes drier as we age. Of course, it is possible for us to have very oily skin as well, but whatever your level of oiliness, it is vital to be as gentle as you can with your skin. Harsh, stripping products are more likely to cause dryness and irritations. Other concerns such as dehydration and ageing are also factors in deciding how to care for your skin.


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Having spots as an adult is hard, there's no question. But help is out there. Share your experiences on Twitter and  https://instagram.com/avene_uki Instagram using #NeverTooOld and learn that you're not alone.

*A survey commissioned by Eau Thermale Avène with The Leadership Factor. 2,261 UK women surveyed with 1000 adult acne sufferers continuing to answer relevant questions, November 2014.
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