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It is often misunderstood that dehydration is a skin type, whereas in reality, dehydration can temporarily affect all skin types from dry to combination and even oily skin.  External factors such as the use of harsh detergents and cosmetic products, cold weather or intense heat and air conditioning, as well as shaving and hair removal contribute to the skin becoming dehydrated.  The effects of dehydration are visible on the skin’s surface and can often leave the skin feeling rough, tired, tight and uncomfortable.  With this in mind, all skin types can benefit from an essential boost of hydration!

An essential addition to any beauty regime and suitable for all skin types, Hydrance Intense Serum provides lasting hydration for up to 24 hours after application, leaving skin feeling healthy, beautifully radiant, hydrated and smooth. Reapply throughout the day at moments when skin feels its most dehydrated, such as early morning or after showering, for maximum comfort and rehydration. 

The Hydrance Intense Serum was trialled by 134 members of the Stylist Beauty Council for a period of 3 weeks. Members of the council commented on the serum’s lightweight texture and how it absorbs easily into the skin.
  • 84% said their skin was more hydrated
  • 88% said they liked the texture of the serum
  • 96% of testers said product fitted easily into their current routine
  • 70% said skin was more radiant/there was a visible difference to skin
  • 78% would recommend to a friend

Hydrance Intense Serum - 24-hour hydration that supports you as you go about your busy day!

How does it work?
Eau Thermale Avène has developed Cohederm™, an exclusive and patented complex which works to optimise the skin’s hydration both the inside and out. Seven years in the making, the Cohederm™ complex promotes the reorganisation of skin cells, which allows for micro-reservoirs to form within the skin. Once formed, these micro-reservoirs are replenished with the acclaimed Thermal Spring Water and intensely hydrate the skin from beneath the surface.  As well as hydration from within, the Cohederm™ complex helps to restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film, reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier and reducing further water loss.

BEFORE: The skin’s natural barrier is compromised and water is lost from the skin.
AFTER: The skin’s natural barrier is reinforced allowing the skin to hold water while intense hydration comes from thermal water reservoirs within.
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