I AM Eau Thermale Avène.

I AM Water.

I am the source of everything. At Avène, I have built all that surrounds me. There, they take care of me, as one takes care of a loved one. And with all my strength, my purity and my benefits, I am here to share my power.

Avène thermal spring water is a gift of nature. The way we care for it is synonymous with the way we care for your skin.

Both water and skin have much in common – immensely fragile, yet strong, worthy of our utmost respect, and, at their very core, the capacity for regeneration.

Intensely soothing, Avène thermal spring water is the foundation of a range of skincare products cherished around the world, a rich treasure that forms a powerful connection between earth and humankind.

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I AM Curiosity.

When, through my force, people come face to face with nature, the outcome leaves me in awe. I am the question that longs for an answer; fuelling an insatiable hunger to learn more.
Behold, the unending research that brings understanding and preservation to the virtues of Avène thermal spring water.

I AM Revelation.

Though frozen in time, I awake in an instant to unveil a truth that was waiting to be spoken.
Thanks to me, what was once a mystery is now known. And for Pierre Fabre, this knowledge ensures that the entire world can benefit from the virtues of Avène thermal spring water.

I AM Unique.

Proud to disrupt conventional wisdom, it is I who has broken free from the status quo – to show the world that nothing is impossible.
At Avène, I transformed a small village into a unique environment, and turned its springs into a rich treasure of unparalleled benefits.

Pure and natural, Avène thermal spring water is a precious resource that is respected, looked after and protected.

Profound and mysterious, more is discovered about it each day. And with its unique mineral and biological properties, it unquestionably holds further secrets that it will reveal over time.

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I AM Reflection.

Humankind sees a profound image in me. By researching me, they are able to understand more about themselves as well.
And yet I am also the answer to their needs. Simple, pure and natural.

I AM Sincerity.

Since the dawn of time, I have concentrated my energy, my strength and my resources to improving the well-being of others.
In body and soul, I give my all to this personal mission. And only those who truly understand me are able to unearth my finest abilities.

I AM Trust.

Once they discovered me, they learned to believe in me and my promises.
Because of their respect and appreciation of my existence, I now share my benefits with them.
And my promises have become their certainties.


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