Your teens shouldn’t have to worry about their skin.
To help them through this period, you must simply reassure and advise them.

So here are some tips and information you can use to show them you’re on their side and well-informed.
After sport, take a shower!
Make sure you shower after exercising! If perspiration stays in contact with the skin for too long, it encourages bad odors as well as the development of bacteria, responsible for blemishes and blackheads. Also be aware of which towels you use, never share your towel and different towels should be used for your face, body and the workout bench!
Too much sport
is bad for blemishes
Teen stories
Sports coach Joris Palomé explains: Too much sport has the opposite effect, it creates stress for the body. Too much testosterone is produced, hence too much sebum, which can cause new blemishes to appear. Generally speaking, 2 to 3 sessions a week is just about right!
Many benefits
for the skin!
Teen stories
As Joris Palomé explains, doing sport regularly improves a teen’s health, it helps them sleep better, encourages them to drink water and eat a more balanced diet, reduces stress levels and makes it easier for them to eliminate toxins. All these benefits will improve the quality of their skin!
Generally speaking, the first signs of puberty appear on the face: skin becomes oily and some white, black or red “blemishes” will appear.
Does junk food
give you blemishes?
Teen stories
Dermatologist and medical director of Avène Dermatological Laboratories Victor Georgescu replies: “Just be careful not to overindulge! Eating a lot of fat is not thought to aggravate blemishes. Simple sugars, however, have a high glycemic index, they can cause blemishes to develop and persist. These include not only candy and other sweet foods, but also hamburger buns and fries. On the other hand, green tea and its polyphenols are reported to have a beneficial effect on blemish-prone skin by limiting sebum production. It could be something worth trying...”
Encourage your teen
to persevere
Teen stories
Regular sports activity can help teens complete their skin care routine for blemish-prone skin. This type of care is a bit like sport, in that the effects are not immediate, you need to perservere to get the results.'

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